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You Deserve All The Things Babe!

But, do YOU fully believe that?
Do you EMBODY the woman (or man) who fully believes that?

I am fully aware gorgeous one, that you know – deep within your SELF, that you are absofuckinglutely DESERVING of all the things you (sometimes oh-so-secretly and even shamefully) desire…

Of all the things that your SOUL whispers to you.
That your SOUL tells you that you must create, be, do and have.

And I am fully aware that you’ve become a fucking EXPERT at telling yourself that those things don’t matter, that you can’t have them, that you aren’t ‘enough’ for them…

…  That you don’t bloody DESERVE them.

I am fully aware that those beliefs, those limitations, that not enoughness that you are weighed down with…
That you carry around with you like a much loved Louis Vuitton handbag…

Are NOT really YOUR truths.

I am fully aware that throughout your life you have been told – repeatedly – that:

♦ You must accept what you have been given
♦ You must not ask for more than what you already have
♦ You must settle second best (or third… or worse)
♦ You must get comfortable with being less than
♦ You must not shine brighter than others
♦ You must be quiet – seen but not heard
♦ You must not be so bold as to ask for what you really want

That the:


That the:

♦ Financial pressures and constant money battles
♦ Shitty relationship laden with tension and hatred
♦ Crappy 9-5, the asshole boss and braindead colleagues
♦ Disrespectful clients that you hate working with
♦ Ordinary house in an ordinary neighbourhood
♦ Cheap-assed car you should’ve sold 10 years ago
♦ Budget travel to not-so exotic locations


That is how it is.

That is how it has always been.
That is how it is for everyone.
That is how it must be – especially for you.

That is your lot.
That is what is normal.
That is what is expected of you.

That is what you are worth.
That is what you deserve.

But the truth is that…

all. of. that. stuff. is. BULLSHIT.

As is your rock solid belief that going after and bringing to life those very things you know at a core level are Soul aligned:

The very things that will make you the happiest and most high vibe person on the planet…
The very things that your Soul keeps telling you are yours by divine right

Is too hard 
Is ridiculously difficult
Is far beyond your reach
Is too outlandish
Is wanting too much
Is too extravagant
Is too expensive
Is too indulgent
Is too rebellious
Is too disruptive
It too confrontational

And that chasing your dreams, fulfilling your goals and bringing your desires to life means you will:

Need to work 24/7
Have no time for fun 
Have no time for your loved ones

That if you choose to do so you are nothing more than a selfish, greedy bitch who puts her (or his) wants above all others… and, really… who the fuck do you think you are?!?

having it all GETS TO BE EASY and it GETS TO BE FUN!!

And more than that.  

Choosing to bring your dreams, passions and desires to life means:

You get to set a new standard…
You get to set new expectations…
You get to raise the bar…

On what is considered ‘normal’.

Not just for yourself but for your loved ones too.  For all you hold near and dear.  Including your Soulmate Clients.
The ripple effect of goodness that comes when you choose to your live your life fully expressed, fully aligned and fully on purpose is exponential… Infinite!

Everyone benefits.
Everyone wins.

you. REALLY. TRULY. are.

I’m talking:

Deserving of joy
Deserving of love
Deserving of happiness
Deserving of Soulmate clients
Deserving of riches
Deserving of prosperity
Deserving of abundance
Deserving of success
Deserving of your dream home
Deserving of your dream car
Deserving of first class travel
Deserving of a million dollar lifestyle.

Deserving of ___________ (insert thing you desire more and more of in your experience)… NOW!!

No matter whether it’s:

♦ A dinner out with your friends
♦ A trip to that exotic destination you’ve been dreaming of
♦ First class travel to an even more first class accomodation
♦ Those Jimmy Choo’s you’ve been eyeing off for what seems like ever
♦ That weekend getaways with your lover
♦ The super fit and wildly sexy body
♦ The sexy sports car convertible
♦ Your dream house by the water or in the country
♦ Living in an exotic location like Mexico, Spain or Bali
♦ The revolving closet packed full of your fav designer clothes
♦ The online course you know you absolutely need in your life
♦ Hiring that coach can’t get enough of on social media
♦ The thriving and super successful online business
♦ The freedom to be, do and have e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. you have ever desired

But one thing you must understand my love is that THAT^ stuff:

It will ALWAYS be to be TOO EXPENSIVE until you fully believe…

It will ALWAYS appear to be TOO EXPENSIVE until you fully know…

It will ALWAYS seem to be TOO EXPENSIVE until you fully realise…

That you are fucking worth it.

But more than that…

That you are fully fucking…

… of being, doing and having ALL OF THAT AND MORE in your life… in your experience… as your every day reality.

How do I know this?


The Universe (God, Buddha, whomsoever) bought you forth in this human form so you could live your life fully aligned, fully expressed and fully expanded.


That you have the DESIRE.
That you have the INSPIRATION.
That your SOUL is speaking these things to you.

That stuff would never have happened to and for you…

… If the Universe didn’t want that to be your truth!

That’s how it works.
That is the ISness of it.

And now babe…

It’s time for you to release all of the lies, the untruths, the beliefs, the limitations and the social conditioning that are getting in the way of you rising up and claiming everything you desire as your very own!

So join me gorgeous one and a tribe of women (and men) who know that their time is now and who are ready to fully step into and embody the person who fully believes they are DESERVING of e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. they desire – in all areas of life!…

… in this 30 Day Immersion Into Self & Soul.

{Limited to 30 spaces}

What You Get:

This 30 day immersion is a combination of self lead and LIVE trainings and includes:

30 days of exercises to support your immersion into Soul & Self to identify, align with and bring to life your innermost desires
✓ ​Daily action steps to reprogram your beliefs and guide you into stepping into the next level version of you.
2 LIVE Breakthrough to Deserving trainings with Laura
 High vibe Facebook group with 24/7 support
 Super high level access to Laura in the group

PLUS you get these badass BONUSES!

BONUS 1: 1 x Private Call with Laura (15 minutes)

BONUS 2: 1 Laura’s Self Belief Meditation

BONUS 3: The Deserving Immersion Into Self & Soul Workbook upon completion so you have the materials FOREVER


Once you SIGN UP, we’ll add you to the high vibe Facebook group so you can get started on the mind and life altering pre-work!

(I know – a secret BONUS, right!)

I am ridiculously – but not ridiculously at all – super excited to support you in this 30 day immersion and to guide you back to where you deserve to be so you can claim everything you desire to be, do and have; everything that is already yours by divine right!

Here’s another truth for you babe…

This SMALL investment is guaranteed to change your life forever!

I feel called to make this 30 day immersion as easy and accessible as can be for you because I want you to realise that your level of DESERVING isn’t about the money.  

It’s about your commitment to and how you show up for YOURSELF.
It’s about your commitment to your VISION and your PURPOSE.
It’s about your commitment to SELF-LOVE and being aligned with your SOUL.

Let’s commit to 30 days of immersion into Self & Soul so you can uplevel your DESERVING!

We Start December 10th

What Laura’s Clients Are Saying…

“OMFG!!! 30 days of working with Laura and I’e more than 5 x my income!!! I’m literally talking 5 months of being unable to pay my mortgage and then BOOM the dollars are flowing!” ~ Michelle Catanach, Creative Coach

“Before I met Laura Francis I was lost, confused and at my wits end with everything! Working with her is one of the best things I’ve ever done. She’s inspiring, unfiltered… she is the fucking truth. For the first time in YEARS I am finally living because of this amazing, no bullshit badass!” ~ Ashley Gentry, Creative Badass

“I have to say that Laura is just brilliant! She cuts straight through all the shit and supports you in getting the job done! I am so grateful for all her advice, and I love that she gets straight in there with useful, actionable advice.” ~ Charlotte Pingriff, Horror Makeup Artist

“I love Laura’s no-bull approach – she’s not just a coach but a soul sister to me.  She helped me cut through my fluffy excuses and extract my own truth so I can move forward with courage and claim my hearts desires.” ~ Hazel Fernandez, Inspirational Messenger

“I have gone from feeling like I had NO idea HOW I would ever reach my income goals or how I would be able to grow my business to reach the people who need me the most to bringing more ideal clients and money than I ever thought possible.” ~ Georgina Noel, Mindset Coach

About Laura Francis

Are you ready to journey into this 30 day Deserving Immersion Into Self & Soul with me babe?

Laura is the go-to mindset & success coach for badass spiritual, creative and visionary online entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders and messengers who want to create the multiple 6-figure (plus) empire they were born for.

She helps you own your truth, your desires and your passion and empowers you to show up, speak up and massively impact the world with your message and your purpose.  Inspiring you to unleash the multi-6-figure mindset within so you can blow your results and your income out of the water.

Because, seriously, gorgeous badass – you deserve a hell of a lot more than you’ve living right now!

And I know, like you know, that you are ready to claim everything that is yours by divine right.

Allow me to help you to rise and to claim what’s yours… including your crown and your throne so you can live the life you desire while being the Queen (or King) you were born to be.  Being, doing and having your hearts desires fulfilled while charging what you’re worth, leveraging your time and your profits and making big-assed bank while being your real, raw and true badass self.

Remember Babe… You Are Your Only Constant.  Which Means That Putting Yourself First Is Non-Negotiable!