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High-level Transformational Coaching for Ambitious Women + Spiritual CEO’s Who Want It All​

Money, Magnetism, Impact, Personal Power, Leadership & Strategy

It’s time to flip the fucking switch.

Powerful Women Do It For Soul, Love & Money

The world has taught you to hide your magic, deny your gifts and abandon your power.  They said you had to put your family first and that life is all about survival.

That soul means nothing.  That love is for the week.  That money is for the greedy.

But you know better.

You came here to remember who the fuck you are and why the fuck you are actually here, gorgeous!

Let’s do that together!

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Only the Best

World-Class Coaching For High Value Women

What To Expect

The strategy, mindset + energetics to support you in manifesting your wildest and craziest business and money desires.

Activate your personal power, move deeper into trust + quantum leap into your next level while enjoying more clients, impact, magnetism, alignment, abundance and freedom..

Whether you’re new to business or already successful and ready to scale for more – you get to do it without the mind-fucking overwhelm.

3 Months 1:1 Access 

weekly calls (up to 60mins each)

Unlimited Voxer Support

audio & text between calls

Channeled Messaging

Soul Led Intuitive Guidance

Who It’s For

Magikians, Artists + Creators

Women entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders, messengers + healers ready to use their gifts + magic + who they be to call in 50k months (and more!).

Action Takers + Move Makers

Women wanting to scale their sales, profits + client list by combining aligned marketing strategies with energetics + personal power.

Legacy Livers + Evolutionaries

Women here to create a legacy and live it now.  Those ‘in it’ for the journey of a lifetime – who will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes.

Your Investment

Private Coaching is offered with a minimum 3 month committment.

Price starts at $3,333/month on Payment Plan.

Get it here!

3 Months Pay In Full

$8,888 (save $1,111)

6 Months Pay In Full

$16,999 (Save $2,999)

12 Months Pay In Full

$33,333 (Save $6,663)

You Get To

Claim All The Things, Gorgeous

Expansion, evolution, alignment, abundance and freedom are your natural state of being.  They are your birthright.

Let’s make them your everyday reality!