To Hell With Conformity & Being Who Others Want You To Be!…
Let’s Unchain Your Rebellious Fucking Badassness!
Honey, I’ve had e-fucking-nuff. And I know you have too!!
You weren’t born to be a trophy wife OR for mediocrity. You were born with and for a purpose.

You being here, in this human form, is no accident. 
You are here to be:
A game-changer. 
A shape-shifter.
A creative rebel. 
A rule breaker. 
A leader. 

And, a smasher of society’s beliefs and social norms!

There are some massive shifts happening in the business world right now. And, baby, you have two choices… You can stay the course and do like the masses… Conform, hide behind fear and suppress who you really are…


You can break the fucking chains, create a fucking wave and make massive impact while being unapologetically fully expressed and living the most purpose driven life you could ever imagine.

You. Get. To. CHOOSE!

It’s time to tear down the fucking walls. And to break all the fucking rules. Or die trying.
‘Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.’ – John F. Kennedy
Release the social constructs, drop the stories, smash beliefs and kick resistance in the ass because that’s the stuff is holding you back.
I’m so bloody excited about The Unchained Leaders Lounge 2.0 (… seriously. I’m almost peeing my pants)!
I know that THIS is what I was born for… 


Empowering women who are impassioned, shape-shifting, game-changing and rebellious creative, visionary and spiritual online entrepreneurs, leaders, coaches and messengers to live their life fully expressed and aligned with their highest purpose.
Unchained. Uninhibited. Unrelenting. Unapologetic. Unfiltered.
FUCK CONFORMITY and being who society says you should be.
FUCK HIDING who you really are so others don’t feel inadequate.
FUCK FEIGNING happiness when you’re miserable on the inside.
Your days of settling and accepting that THIS (what you’re living right now!) is all there frickin’ is to life… 


Within you there is the FREEDOM and POWER to CHOOSE your happiness, your dreams, your desires, your passions, your goals and your purpose… OVER ANY-FUCKING-THING AND ANY-FUCKING-ONE in the entire world.
This Is Your Business.  Your Life.  Get The Fuck Out There And Live It Your Way.  On Your Terms.
I invite you to join me in this powerful and kick-ass Mastermind for Badass Female Online Entrepreneurs.
We’ll unchain your deepest desires for your business and your life. 

No excuses. 
No conformity. 
No fucking holds barred.

Fear holds no place here.

This is the place for you to be FREE to awaken the YOU that’s been bubbling below the surface for what seems like EVA. To tap into and bring to life your most BADASS DREAMS, DESIRES, PASSIONS, GOALS and PURPOSE (in ALL areas of your life).

We’ll rip the band-aid off EVERYTHING that’s holding you back and we'll smash the glass-ceiling on your ‘I Really Fucking Want More’ list. Getting rid of what no longer serves you and diving deep into YOU. Developing and kick-start your BADASS LIFE PLAN.
It’s time for you to… GET REAL. STAND UP. SHOW UP. BE SEEN. BE HEARD. And. GET FAMOUS for being the freedom loving fucking Badass Leader you born to be!
When you tap into your core and own your purpose…
Here's What You Get In The Unchained Leaders Lounge 2.0
First and foremost, you get to return to centre, to return to self, to return to your purpose, why you’re really here and the truth of who you are at a core level. You get to be free to be, do and have absolutely e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. you desire.  
While also getting to be unapologetic as fuck about it!

And it’s about more than that. You also get community.
The Unchained Leaders Lounge 2.0 Exclusive Mastermind is all about community. 
Not just my community, but your community.  Your Soul-tribe community. 

Where we focus on making it absofuckinglutely possible for you to be part of an utterly badass tribe of like-minded, game-changing, creative rebels.

We take all the rule books, society’s bullshit beliefs and social norms and fucking burn them to the ground. Leaving nothing in the way to hold you back from fulfilling your life’s purpose. From creating massive fucking impact!
Being a part of the Unchained Leaders Lounge 2.0 mastermind means you get:
Unlimited direct access to Laura (me) via VOXER

Twice monthly group calls via Facebook / Zoom

Monthly 1:1 ass-kicking coaching call that includes endless brainstorming and feedback

Half price Unchained Leaders Lounge 2.0 VIP Passes to up to 2 x LIVE EVENTS per year with Laura (no matter the location)

Lifetime access to The Unchained Leaders Lounge 2.0 private Facebook Group (this group is for community members only!)

Exclusive weekly “Unchained Leaders Lounge 2.0′ trainings that include the latest in what is WORKING RIGHT NOW in mindset, alignment, messaging, marketing, strategy and action taking including live and pre-recorded videos, audios, emails, etc., based on what you ask for AND what you need the most so you can uplevel fast as fuck and experience the transformation you desire.

 A safe and confidential container where you will be unconditionally nurtured and supported as you shift, expand, stretch, grow and uplevel into being the kick-ass online entrepreneur, the powerhouse woman you were born to be.

And more!

Because there is ALWAYS more.

“OMFG!!! 30 days in working with Laura and I’ve more than 5x my income!!! I’m literally talking 5 months unable to pay my mortgage then BOOM the money and the sales are flowing. THANK YOU Laura for your badassery and much needed butt kicking and constant support. I KNOW I’m going to be FLYING by the end of the year. If you’re currently sitting on the fence thinking about working with Laura, hop on a call with her today. I promise you won’t regret it!”

Michelle Catanach

“Laura’s mentorship, support, knowledge and guidance have assisted in nearly every major business move I’ve made. She was crucial in brainstorming my business rebranding and for giving me direction as to which areas of my business I need to focus my time and energy and what clients I need to target. She always suggests the perfect solution – one I never would have thought of. I really can’t express just how much Laura’s advise and support have meant to me and my business.”

Emma Patterson
THIS IS SO MUCH MORE THAN just another business mastermind.
We’re going to blow the top off everything you have ever learned. Every training. And. Every strategy. By focusing on the ONLY things that matter… Creating badass impact with: Your messaging. Your creativity. Your content. Your tribe. Your fucking purpose. Getting you seen. Heard. And, fucking leading.
THIS IS SO MUCH MORE THAN just another mindset mastermind.
This so much more than surface level bullshit. We’ll delve into your core. Into the furtherest recesses of your mind; to that place you haven’t been since you were a child. Awakening the suppressed and dormant you at a cellular level through deep exploration and expansion. We’ll go all in and getting it all out. So that you can move forward at break-neck speed.
THIS IS SO MUCH MORE THAN just another women’s mastermind.
There’ll be no fucking mummy talk, there’s so much more to you and your life than that! This is your chance to step away from day-to-day life and Go. Fucking. All. In. V-jay-jay to the wall. And live your life on purpose! THIS is your fucking life and if you truly want to live it, then NOW is the time and place to make THAT your reality!
Imagine you loving the shit out of yourself and your business and being fully expressed, unapologetically real, purposeful and aligned as fuck.
Here's A Little Bit More About "The Lounge"
The Unchained Leaders Lounge 2.0 is the place online where Leaders and those who are ready to step into their genius gather to make epic shit happen.
We’re going all in and will be creating and doing EPIC shit together. You’ll be surrounded by other game-changing, rebellious badasses who are fed up playing their B-Game and are 100% committed to making their dreams their NEW REALITY.


We’ll DO THAT together.
Mindset.   Energy.  Community.  Purpose.
Let’s get one thing straight. If you’re head ain’t in the game… Neither are YOU!

If you don't have THAT sorted then I guarantee that you are NOT playing at 100%. And, you'll never, ever, unlock your full potential. 

It's that simple! 

So, no matter what you're thinking now... 

We're gonna stretch your mind and show you how easy it is to THINK BIGGER! Right now, you're a clean slate with unlimited potential. With a fuck-ton of hidden desires and dreams that you're ready to unleash.

➤ Success doesn't just happen. You need to tap into your source of boundless purposeful badass energy to make it happen. And, the only way to GET THAT... Is to be completely, head-over-fucking-heals-in-love with who you are and every-fucking-thing you do. Without that, you'll always be left wanting. 

Loving the shit out of your life IS the key to your ultimate success.

➤ You've grown tired of riding the Online Entrepreneur bus... It's a lonely journey when you're doing it all on your fucking own. By yourself. With not a soul around who GETS YOU. Who UNDERSTANDS your desperate need to become awakened. Enlightened. 

Who can see WHY you're constantly digging so fucking deep into yourself that you uncover the real you... Your purpose... That it truly hurts (in the fucking best way imaginable!!). Let alone why you spend every waking minute at your computer. Tenaciously pursuing the dreams the little people only talk about. 

It's time you felt the love and had the rock-solid support of a community of women who want the same things that you want in life. Fellow online entrepreneurs who know that they were born... To empower. To lead. To impact.

➤ You were born for more than this. You were born for greatness! And, inside of you there is a message so fucking powerful and life-changing that it's got you bursting at the seams. BUT. Right now you're feeling it - BIG TIME! It's constant pressure. Relentless Overwhelm. Crippling Fear. Heart-exploding Anxiety. And, it's keeping you fucking stuck. 

Your message IS your purpose; Your fucking big-assed life mission. It's the reason you are here. And, even though it's so fucking grand that you absolutely know it will scare the shit out of the minions... Create a whole bunch of haters...

You also know that your tribe is out there... Waiting with baited breath for you to fucking... Share it. To speak it. Live it! 
"Don't die with the music still in you." - Dr Wayne W. Dyer
“When I first joined The Unchained Leaders Lounge and started working with Laura I was scraping by and so fucking fed up of living hand to mouth. My big scary income goal was £5000 per month (but I did NOT believe that was possible!). I’ve created well over £10,000 each month for the past 2 months and have brought enough advance sales in to ensure this happens again for the next 2 months!

Laura holds me accountable, but she also sees my FULL potential and ensures I don’t give up on myself. She is the antidote to self-doubt, fiercely believing in you and your capabilities.

I have gone from feeling like I had NO idea HOW I would ever reach my income goals or how I would be able to grow my business to reach the people who need me the most to bringing in more ideal clients than I ever thought possible. Every day I step more into the truth of who I am and why I was put on this planet and I would not be here without Laura’s help.”

Georgina Noel
What Can You Expect From In The
Let's be frank...
I can't make you do the work - that's your responsibility.
Your growth, your level of income and abundance and your success, how long it takes and the results you get is entirely up to you.
Here is what I can do for you:
I can show up, support you, be a safe and trusted container for you. and I can (and will) show up for you during the dark times and I can (and will) celebrate your wins and successes.

I can brainstorm with you, inspire you and empower you to maintain your vision and take aligned action toward achieving the personal, spiritual and business growth and results you desire.

I can help you release the blocks and limitations holding you back and I can show you how to get crystal clarity around your vision, your message and your purpose and I can help you to rise up and embody the next level you.

I can share with you e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g I know, including my processes, tactics and strategies with you... sharing with you what has worked for me and what hasn't, so that you can avoid making the same mistakes I've already made AND so you can get to where you want to be faster - with less procrastination, fear, overwhelm and frustration.

You will learn A LOT in between our private and group call sessions - each week you will be given a new mission and you'll also get regular and ongoing mindset homework - meditations, affirmations, journaling and more.  Which frees up our group and 1:1 sessions to discuss and tweak what you've worked on, to make plans for what your next action steps will be, and to deep dive into any places were you've gotten stuck.

And even though I cannot guarantee specific results, what I can do is share with you what my clients typically accomplish while we're working together.
Within the first few months of working with me clients:
Breathe new life into and/or overhaul their current offers.

Raise their prices and start getting paid what they're worth.

Restructure the way they work - when, where and how - so that their time is leveraged for maximum results, impact and greater freedom and flexibility.

Revamp an entire Brand and position themselves as the go-to expert via their website, social media and email marketing methods. So they can spend less time online and get more compelling results. 

Create and sell their first high ticket digital course, event/retreat or private (1:1) program, making multiple 5 figures with their first launch.

Sell out their programs in less than 30 days (and often much sooner than that too!).
Fuck B-Grade Conformity!
Look… Let’s cut to the chase babe.
You were born to be, do and have so much more than you’re experiencing in your business and life right now. And you are ready to have what is yours by divine right.

I am here to help you to rise. To claim what’s yours, including your crown and your throne so you can live the life you desire while being the Queen you were born to be. And that means charging what you’re worth, leveraging your time and massively increasing your profits while selling out your low and high end digital courses, VIP programs and events.

And of course, that means developing the mindset and self-belief that makes creating the multiple 6-figure online empire of your dreams absolutely do-able.

Because anything less is… Well... Let's just say that for you, being, doing and having...


You’re here because you’re a woman who wants to smash your income ceiling and claim the multiple 6-figures you desire and deserve, and you want to do that ease and from a place of unadulterated flow.

Let’s make that real for you babe!
What Others Are Saying About Laura Francis
“Thank you SO MUCH for the clarity chicka! I was stuck and lost in my mindset. Helping me to see what was holding me prisoner has helped me so much with the shifts and results I’m now getting in my business. I’m so grateful to you.”

Ainsley Micallef
“Laura’s a warrior who has not only an infinite know-how and experience of business but also life. She inspires you with a mix of belief, support, actionable steps and loving kick ass words, to never give up and to build the business of your dreams.”

Olga Pontes
“Laura’s not just a mentor but a soul sister to me. She’s keeps you accountable and believes in your zone of genius. She helped me cut through my fluffy excuses and extract my own truth so I can move forward with courage.”

Hazel Fernandez
About Laura Francis
Laura is a game-changing powerhouse who is out to slay the world with her message and her purpose!
She thrives on inspiring women entrepreneurs tap into their hidden potential and align with their higher selves. Her high impact, make-it-happen strategies help you remove the mindset blocks stopping you from creating more leverage, money and freedom in your business and life.

Laura shows you how to shine your light on the world authentically, relentlessly and unapologetically by awakening your hidden genius and tapping into your core truth and souls purpose. Her transformative methods make doing the internal and external work, showing up, speaking your truth and attracting ‘hell yes’ soul-level clients a breeze.


She is the go-to mentor internationally for badass spiritual, creative and visionary online entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders and messengers who want to create the multiple 6-figure empire they were born for.

Laura helps you own your truth, your desires and your passion and empowers you to show up, speak up and massively impact the world with your message and your purpose. Inspiring you to unleash the multi-6-figure mindset within so you can blow your results and your income out of the water.
Got Questions?
📌 Is The Unchained Leaders Lounge 2.0 only for coaches? 

Absolutely not. My genius lies in supporting Spiritual, Creative & Visionary Online Entrepreneurs - Coaches, Messengers, Leaders, Artists in their spiritual, mindset, online marketing and online sales growth journey. So they can create a business and life they love and deserve.

If you desire to use your message and your purpose to create and sell offers you fully believe in online and to sell them to those who need you - your soulmate clients, the people you were born to serve, then this is for you.

📌 When does this Mastermind Program start?

We start on Thursday December 27th, 2018 (Australia Time) - you'll get full details around the start date and our first action steps on email after purchase your spot.

📌 How do I schedule my private sessions with Laura?

As a community member in The Unchained Leaders Lounge 2.0 you will have access to my online coaching calendar. You can schedule your sessions each fortnight (bi-weekly), in bulk or as you need support. 

📌 Laura Francis, on which days are the private sessions held?

I coach on Wednesdays (Australian Time). Other arrangements can be discussed as needed.

📌 Laura, on which days are the Group Coaching calls held?

The monthly group coaching calls begin Thursday 10th January 2019 (Australian Time) and are conducted on the 10th of each month thereafter.

📌 Is the content I share in the Facebook Group and are the conversations we have as a group or privately 100% confidential?

Absolutely!  The space I hold for my clients is a safe, confidential and sacred container where you are fully supported, honoured and respected.

I wouldn't have it any other way.  The work we do is intense and involves going deep within emotionally. and spiritually, and sometimes what comes up and what you need to share and release as you shift, expand, stretch  grow and uplevel... Well... It can be traumatic, embarrassing and extraordinary private.  

📌 Laura Francis, do I really get lifetime access to The Unchained Leaders Lounge 2.0 private Facebook Group?

Yes! Absolutely you do. The content I deliver and that you share in this group will be available to you indefinitely.

📌 Laura, do I really get Half price Unchained Leaders Lounge 2.0 VIP Passes to up to 2 x LIVE EVENTS per year?  

Yes! You do. No matter where these live events are being held, you get to come along and only pay half the advertised price.

📌 Laura Francis, can you guarantee specific results? 

I know in my soul and deeply believe in my ability to increase your belief in, not just yourself, but in your work, how you deliver it and in the way you serve your soulmate clients.

I have full faith in the spiritual, mindset and success practices and principles I teach and know that when applied they will transform your business and your life.  

I strongly believe in what I offer in this program and know that what I deliver will give you EVERYTHING you need to grow your business to multiple 6 figures (and beyond!).

📌 Are the testimonials on this page real?

Oh yes! They are from real people, living BEings, who have worked with me, who did the work (even when it was uncomfortable, challenging and emotionally painful) and who got results.

I believe in you. I believe that you were born to impact many and make a massive difference in this world. And I believe that you are here to do that while making shittons of money doing what you love - what sets your soul on fire. But, ultimately, it's up to you babe. You have to do the work. You have to go-all-the-fucking-way-in and you have to be committed to the long-game.

If I show up fully and do the internal and external work, what are the typical results I can expect?

What type of results can I expect 

DISCLAIMER: I do not guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The results I speak of and the testimonials on this page may not be typical for all soulmate clients.
What Comes Next?
The Unchained Leaders Lounge 2.0 Mastermind with Laura Francis Investment:
Pay 12 Months In Full: $33k

Payment Plan: 2 payments 6 months apart of: $18k

Payment Plan: 12 monthly payments of $3,300

Email to chat with Laura.
NOTE: Prices are in USD$
Your Next Steps:
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We Start Thursday, December 27th, 2018!

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