Episode #05 with Jenn Scalia: The Mindset of Being Visible AF


A 30 Day Immersion Into Self & Soul

The Universe (God, Buddha, whomsoever) bought you forth in this human form so you could live your life fully aligned, fully expressed and fully expanded.

That you have the DESIRE.
That you have the INSPIRATION.
That your SOUL is speaking these things to you.

It’s time for you to release all of the lies, the untruths, the beliefs, the limitations that are getting in the way of you rising up and claiming everything you desire as your very own!

So join me gorgeous one and a tribe of women (and men) who know that their time is now and who are ready to fully step into and embody the person who fully believes they are DESERVING of e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. they desire – in all areas of life!


A Mastermind for Badass Female Online Entrepreneurs

A high-level mastermind for game-changing and rebellious creative, spiritual and visionary online entrepreneurs wanting to enjoy a business and life that is fully expressed and aligned with their highest purpose… Who are ready to say ‘Fuck You’ to limitations and to claim everything that is theirs by divine right… Including wealth and abundance!

AKA: Babe, this is for YOU!

This is the place for you to be FREE to awaken the YOU that’s been bubbling below the surface for what seems like EVA. To tap into and bring to life your most BADASS DREAMS, DESIRES, PASSIONS, GOALS and PURPOSE (in ALL areas of your life).

We’ll rip the band-aid off EVERYTHING that’s holding you back. Getting rid of what no longer serves you while deep diving into YOU and developing and kick-starting your BADASS LIFE PLAN.