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Badassery Unleashed Magazine by Laura Francis is all about you; the creative, the visionary, the spiritual online entrepreneur, leader, coach, mentor and messenger.

Your message, your desires, your passion, your purpose and your vision.

It’s about…

Owning your truth, tapping into your internal power and unleashing your YOUness onto the world.

Growth and expansion and creating the business and mindset that allow you be:

✔ Unfiltered 
✔ Unrelenting
✔ Unapologetic

Disrupting the social norms and questioning how things are done and what people believe.

Living your life fully expressed, on your terms and by your rules.

And having loads of fun while doing so.

ISSUE #7 February 2019



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Badassery Unleashed Magazine is about blazing your own trail in business and life; abandoning antiquated systems and enjoying the abundant, aligned and fully expressed life you were born for.

Created by Laura Francis – who is on a mission to inspire and empower you to tap into your hidden potential, align with your higher self and create massive change –  she’s here to disrupt social norms and challenge age-old systems and what people believe true and possible, as she fully embodies her powerful message.

Inside you’ll find a mixture of inspirational success stories, business blueprints, strategies, and wealth mindset practices plus exclusive access to offers, FREE trainings, behind the scenes into Laura’s world, mindset, spirituality, alignment, manifestation, entrepreneurship and all that it entails.

Start your own conversation by becoming a Badassery Unleashed contributor. Speak your truth, share your message and make a massive impact.

Our mission is to inspire, empower and create massive change in our community; we accept articles from badass bosses that support that.

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At Badassery Unleashed Magazine we are always on the lookout for dynamic and rebellious leaders, shapeshifters, game changers and disruptors to feature within our pages.

Entrepreneurs passionate about influencing conscious change, through growth and expansion.

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Badassery Unleashed Magazine puts you in touch with Laura’s wider community – giving you the leading edge!

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