Episode #13 with Laura Francis: 10 Steps To Attracting Your Soulmate Clients

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What if the miracle of RAPIDLY manifesting the clients, sales, abundance, freedom and wild success you desire took place in the first few minutes of your day?

Well babe, in this Journal to Success self study program I’m sharing with you the EXACT journaling secrets I use daily to do just that!

Before you get any further… 
Hi!! I’m Laura Francis! 

An Aussie girl living in the mountains a short drive from the Gold Coast beaches & city life.  I’m a mindset & success coach, podcaster, magazine creator, a foodie & a puppy lover.  My happiest days are spent writing, creating & being in nature (bush – mountains- beach)!

I’m a marketing freak who geeks out on tech, a personal growth junkie who’s obsessed with guiding badass as fuck spiritual, creative & visionary women online entrepreneurs (yep, YOU!) to make big assed bank doing what they love – on their terms & by their rules.

I help you go-all-the-fucking-way-in to your core truth, remember who you are at a soul level & become it… Creating the 6 or 7 figure empire of your dreams, while loving the fuck out of your business & life always, in all ways… on all levels.

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