The reason your Plan A isn’t working and making you the 6 figures you desire is because you have a fucking Plan B.

Dipping your toe in and holding on to the handrail isn’t swimming! It’s not even getting wet.
It’s playing it safe.

And those who play it safe never, ever get to live the fully expressed life that is their divine right.


They never, ever get to actually DECIDE TO LIVE the life they’ve been given.
Instead they contentedly exist their way through to death while allowing their limitations and fears keep them in a state of permanent mediocrity.

And. Well. Fuck!

There’s no fun.
There’s no joy.
There’s no excitement.
There’s no happiness.
There’s no freedom.
There’s no liberation.
There’s no empowerment.

In any of that!

To get what you desire…
To serve those you were born to serve…
To enjoy the (multiple) 6 figure sales results you want…
To live your experience a life fully lived, felt and expressed…

You need to go-all-the-fucking-way-in!

You need to fully immerse yourself in your business.
You need to fully surrender and release all control.
You need to fully allow yourself to risk everything.
You need to fully commit to getting the results you desire.
You need to fully allow yourself to embrace uncertainty.
You need to fully believe, trust and have faith in yourself.
You need to fully understand that the Universe is supporting you.


Until you accept that – fully.

Until you give yourself permission to do that – fully.
Until you feel into every emotion that comes with that – fully.

You will always be asking yourself the same fucking questions…

Why isn’t this working?
What am I not doing right?
What do I need to let go of?
What is blocking me from hitting my sales goals?

Be it a conscious or unconscious choice…

Love, Truth & Badassery,
Remember… You Have One Life. Hit The Fuckin’ Button!

Love, Truth & Badassery,
You Have One Life. Hit The Fuckin’ Button!

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