When my soulmate clients first reach out to start working with me, the one thing they want is to be making $10k+ every month. But they’ve been been struggling alone and in silence for months (even years), unable to make that their reality.

They’re stuck knowing that they want to create and enjoy more:

  • Clarity
  • Confidence
  • Self-belief
  • Leads
  • Clients
  • Money
  • Time
  • Freedom


They’ve spent so long…

Thinking they need to learn a new strategy.
Hoping that I’ll give them the magic pill solution they’ve been seeking.

Blaming themselves for not being where they desire to be.

For not knowing enough.
For not being enough.
For not doing enough.

Not trusting themselves.

Now, don’t get me wrong, they’ve often tried all the things. It’s not like they’ve just been sitting on their hands all that time hoping the results they desire will just fall in their lap.

Not at all.


And, more than that, they know that it’s the ‘believing they must battle it out by themselves’ that’s their biggest problem.

The shame
The embarrassment
The self-doubt
The fear
The self-abuse

It’s all self-sabotage.

They know that they’ve spent too much time caught up in their own head.
They know that none of that stuff is serving them, their dreams and their desires.
And they know that to get the results they want, they need to start doing things differently.


If you really do want to be the person who’s making $10k or more, every month, on repeat, you’ve gotta get out of your head, move past your self-doubt and insecurities, step up and outside of your comfort zone (that’s the stuff that’s keeping you stuck!!) and ask for help.

Because it’s not a new strategy you need.
Because there is no frickin’ magic pill.

Everything you need to create the life, the business and the financial success you desire is a.l.r.e.a.d.y. inside of you.

You simply don’t know how to pull it together and make it work for you.

You’ve gotta swallow you’re pride and silence your ego and reach out to get the:

Help of someone who’s been where you are right now.

Help of someone who’s already walked a mile in their shoes (but now has new ones!!).

Help of someone who’s had to do the very same thing so they could grow, expand, create and get the sales they knew they deserved.

Help of someone who is already getting the results you want and can show you exactly how to make that your reality.

Because, the thing is, to be the person who is smashing $10k+ months means that you also need to be the person who is fully focused and committed as fuck to upleveling your mindset and monetising your brand.

Which also means that you need to have:

  • Belief systems that support your purpose and vision
  • Power over the stories and fears that block the sales from flowing to you
  • The capacity to build a loyal and responsive audience full of your soulmate clients
  • The focus and commitment to create shit-tons of content daily that has impact and builds authority
  • Offers that your soulmate clients are happy and excited to buy
  • Products leveraged for freedom and profits
  • The ability to create automated sales processes

And creating all that – when you’re constantly weighed down by fears, negativity and self-sabotage – well, it just won’t happen.

But, it doesn’t need to be that way.
Not at all.

And certainly not for you!

And, truth be told, getting out from under all that stuff and rising to the top can happen pretty quickly, if you do it right.

But, it’ll never, ever happen for you if you don’t take the first step.

Love, Truth & Badassery,
You Have One Life. Hit The Fuckin’ Button!

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