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I see you – Spiritual badass. Creative genius. Rebellious leader. Game-changing online entrepreneur.

You have BIG GOALS.
And you have a burning desire to MASSIVELY IMPACT the world.

Which is totally awesome. Kudos to you gorgeous.

Congratulations on knowing and pursuing your purpose in life!

You’re not stupid.
You’re not naive.
You’re not walking around with your head in the clouds.

You’ve been in this game long enough to know that achieving these incredible things takes time, takes commitment and passion and purpose. And that it also takes money.


You’re down with that.
You’re good with that.
You’re happy with that.

But right now you’re carrying so bloody much shame and so many limiting beliefs and stories around about money, wealth and riches and financial success – some of which you don’t even know you’re burdened with – and that’s stopping you from moving forward and getting the results you want.


You’ve had e-fucking-nuff!
In fact.

You’ve had more than enough.
You’ve had more than you can take.

And you’re ready to do whatever it takes – right now – to change that. To shift that shit, to work through it, to move past it…

To get your head into the place it needs to be so you can get the consistent 10k+ sales you need so you can impact and influence the people you were born to help.
Your tribe.

You know that your people.
Are out there.
Waiting for you.
Needing you.


You’re not here to be meek.
You’re not here to be mediocre.
You’re not here to simply exist your way through life.


If not millions with your message, with your gift, with your purpose.!

To inspire and to serve them in ways and at levels that ONLY YOU can.

And the things is, you already know that within you is E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G you need – the knowledge, the skills, the experience and the expertise – that it takes to become the leader and the influencer you desire to be.

That you are destined to be.

And you also know that if you don’t act now.
That if you don’t do something drastic now.

To shift all the mind-stuff that’s blocking you; that’s stopping you; that’s keeping you stuck in a place of struggle of…


That you are never, ever, going to get to have the impact and fulfil those desires in the ways you really want to.

And, truth be told.
For you.

Not doing that is not a fucking option.
Not for you.

Rising up.
Showing up boldly.
Speaking your truth.
Opening the minds of your people.
Introducing them to new ways of thinking, being and doing.
And being unapologetic AF about it.

Is non-negotiable for you.

Because doing that stuff.
Because serving those people.

Means that you’re honouring them.
Means that you’re honouring yourself.
Means that you’re honouring your higher self.

And it means that you’re doing what you were born to do.

Which is to…


In such a massive way.
In such a game-changing way.

You were born to disrupt the norm.
To challenge what people believe doable.

And that stuff.

It’s what sets your soul on fire.
It’s what keeps the blood flowing through your veins.
It’s the exact reason you were given this life to live in the first place.

And you are determined…
You are committed…
You are hell-bent…

On doing that.

In the biggest…
In the grandest…
In the most bolshy…

Way possible.

In your heart of hearts.
In the deepest recesses of your mind.
At the core of your very being.

You know that you will allow no-one and nothing that will get in the way of you smashing your goals, sharing your message and impacting many.

By now, you’ve tried all the BEST strategies.
And, sure they worked – to some degree.

But you know that there is not a single strategy out there that can do for you what needs to be done.

A strategy doesn’t have the capacity to undo the lifetime’s worth of paradigms, stories, fears and belief systems that are currently calling the shots from inside your mind.

That are stopping you from getting the soulmate clients you desire.
That are stopping you from enjoying the 10k+ months you desire.
That are stopping you from massively impact in the ways that you desire.

There’s only one thing left to do.
There is only one option available to you.

And not doing it, well, like I said earlier, it’s not a fucking option. Not for you gorgeous one!

You must go far beyond the surface – where you’ve been playing it safe for so long.
You must give yourself permission to go where you’ve never gone before.
You must allow yourself to do things you’ve never been prepared to do before.

You must shine a light on the darkness within and you must once and for all exorcise the demons from your past that are clawing at your flesh, at your soul, at your ISness.

That are doing their damnedest to tear you down.
To make you small.
To diminish you.

To stifle you.
To make you less than.
To leave you feeling unworthy.
To convince you that you aren’t deserving.

And, although it scares you. Even though it brings your deepest and most frightening fears to the forefront of your mind.

You know that now is your time.
You know that your people need you.
You know that you are ready.

To go-all-the-fucking-way in so you can climb all the way to the fucking top. So you can claim your crown, your robe and your throne and rise as the Queen that you were born to be!

It’s time to become all that you can be.
It’s time to become all that you were born to be.
It’s time to become all that you are destined to be.

It’s time to become Queen of your fucking self!!

Love, Truth & Badassery,
You Have One Life. Hit The Fuckin’ Button!










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