I see too many online entrepreneurs out there on the interwebs who believe that the thing that’s stopping them from smashing their sales and success goals is not having the right strategy.

And I used to be one of those people.

But the thing is…

It doesn’t bloody matter:

Which strategy you have
How good that strategy is
Or how many strategies you try

No strategy will get you the results you want if you’re heads not in the game.
And I mean 100% in the game.


It’s about how you think.
It’s about what you believe.

You can (and I did) invest thousands or even tens of thousands on strategies and coaching but if you’re not all-the-way-in…

You’re all-the-way-out.

And being all-the-way-out means that you’re never, ever, going to achieve the sales and success results you desire.

But the really good news is that…

Getting your head in the game is easier than you think.
And doing so is all about tweaking and upleveling your mindset.

Once you discover what the mindset ‘stuff’ is that’s holding you back from being the badass you know you were born to be and learning what that stuff is for you is a lot easier than you might think.

I’ve spent over 30 years studying personal development and mindset and one thing I know for sure is that unearthing that stuff and busting through it is something that’s not always easy to do by yourself.

I tried for years to bust through my success blockers.


But, it wasn’t until I invested in myself – emotionally, mentally and financially (in other words, until I went all-the-way-in) that I was able to get crystal clear on what those blockers were.

It was only then that I was to get the clarity and focus I needed so that I could take aligned and inspired action and do the work that needs to be done…So I could work through and purge my success blockers (the mindset stuff).

That I got to the point where I can easily and confidently move forward and achieve my sales and success goals.

Here’s the thing…

That need to be the person who does everything on your own – is a success blocker in itself. And it’s a major one.


Prove that you are good enough.
Prove that you don’t need help.
Prove that you’re better than everyone else.

While proving everyone else wrong.

And this need is exactly what’s keeping you from winning in the success stakes.

You’re being competitive.

And competitiveness does a few things – really well – and it works in ways that you actually don’t want it to.

Competitiveness lowers your vibration and it cuts off the flow of abundance, ideas and action (for starters… sadly, it does so much more too!).

Which means that it’s really a counter-intuitive way of thinking, being and doing.

It means that you’re allowing yourself to be controlled by your (illogical but seemingly logical) ego mind, not your conscious mind – not by your higher self.

It means that you’re giving away all of your power and allowing your fears, your stories, your past experiences, social conditioning and your limiting beliefs dictate your level of happiness, joy, freedom, success, money and abundance.


What it means is:

That you’ll never get to feel what it’s like to be truly successful.
That you’ll never get to experience the life you desire at a core level.
That you’ll never enjoy the business and financial success that you dream of.

It means that you’ll always be left wanting.
It means that you’ll live out your life not being fully expressed.
It means that you’ll get to your death bed knowing you could have been, done and had more.

And, by that point….


But, you can intervene.

You can make different choices to those you’re currently making.
You can make different decisions to those you’re currently making.
You can take different actions to those you’re currently taking.
You can choose different belief systems to those you’re currently choosing.

And you can do that NOW!

Now is the time.
Now is your time.
Now is the only time you have.
Now is the only time that exists.

And you have an obligation to yourself to rise up like the frickin’ badass you know you truly are at a core level and give yourself permission to live your life, full out, as that person.

Claim what is yours by divine right.

The love.
The happiness.
The health.
The wealth.
The success.
The achievements.
The experiences.
The leads.
The clients.
The sales.
The abundance.

They’re all right there.
Easily within your reach.
Waiting for you…

To claim them as your very own.

Do that now!

Here’s how you can get started!!

Love, Truth & Badassery,
You Have One Life. Hit The Fuckin’ Button!

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