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30 Things I Did In 2015 That Massively Affected My Business & Life

2015 has drawn to a close. And it’s time to pause and reflect on the year that’s just been. On what’s gone on in your business and life in the past 365 days. And to acknowledge what’s worked, what didn’t and what you need to focus your energy on for the coming 12 months.

Over the holiday break I did just that.

My business have changed massively this year so looking back on the last year has been interesting.

Now, I’m not gonna lie to you and tell you that the entire year has been rosy… not by a long shot… because things don’t always go to plan. But, that’s cool because everything happens for a reason. And, as long as you take the lessons that show up, you can continue to grow and move forward.

So, here’s my list of #30 things I did in 2015 that massively affected my business and life:

1. Took Up Meditating – and got amazing results. I have a couple of meditations that are my ‘go-to’ resources. I have one in particular that a girlfriend of mine recorded and shared with me a few years ago, specifically focusing on pulling energy from the Universe and clearing blocks that are holding me back. I couldn’t ignore the benefits; or the obvious pattern that was visible. When I was consistent in practicing these particular meditations, I saw significant changes in my message, lead generation, sales and quality of client I was attracting to my business. And, when life threw me a curve ball and I got out of flow and didn’t meditate, those exact same things went south faster than you can say FUCK ME!!

2. Created a Vision Board – Now I know that vision boards hold a lot of power but I’d never had one and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I created mine, and at the end of the year was able to look back at my board and see what I’d achieved and what I hadn’t. Those I could tick off as done or no longer relevant were removed and will be replaced with new, updated images that are aligned with my current dreams and goals.

3. Created a Facebook Group – No. I didn’t just add people to I actually asked those I wanted to join if they’d like to – you know, invited them personally. Click here to join.

4. Started a Podcast – Launched Killing It Online podcast on Valentine’s Day focusing on Online Marketing, Mindset and Feminine Empowerment. And, made it available on iTunes. Check it out here.

5. Discovered Click-Tracks – I’d heard about PSTEC (Percussive Suggestion Technique) and Tim Phizackerley years ago but never really got into it. But, this year I decided to put it into practice.

6. Stopped Saving Special Things for That ‘Special Occasion’ – There’s no time like now and rule applies in every area of my life. So in 2015 I made a point of wearing my best nickers ANY time I choose. I wore my favourite perfume EVERY day. I used my best China WHENEVER I felt like it. Every day became a special occasion. You only live once, right?…

7. Developed a Morning Ritual – Yep. Every morning I take 3-4 hours JUST FOR ME!! True story.  I take 30 minutes every morning for light exercise – walking, yoga, Pilates. I spend 30 minutes meditating. Set my intentions. Note down my daily goals. And, enjoy a pot of Japanese Senka Green Tea from my best Tea Pot. The post was bought especially for my morning rituals.

8. Started Rollerblading – I know right, at my age. Who’d of thunk it, hey!! #lol. After a slow start and a couple of arse breaking spills on the concrete I was doing pretty well. Then, mid-winter, I took a spill and busted my knee. An MRI revealed I’d torn my MCL in my right knee and the rollerblades were hung up for the 3-6 month recovery. The recovery has been long and painful and my knee is still a long way from awesome and I’ve decided that those blades will stay hung up for ever. Self care and self love go hand in hand with self preservation and I’ve decided after being pretty much housebound for 4 months that I really need my knees and am not prepared to risk them again.

9. Learned Stand Up Paddling – I wanted an outdoor activity and one that would see me on the water. I live in such a beautiful area, am surrounded by water and love being outdoors so it was a logical choice. And, I LOVE it!

Laura Francis - stand up paddle

10. Started Outsourcing More – I’ve been outsourcing for over 7 years now but this year I decided that my time was being wasted on things I CAN DO but shouldn’t be wasting my time on. They were necessary but not money making activities… the perfect type to delegate to a specialist and create greater leverage for my biz and my time. Then I could focus more, yep, you guessed it, on the money making activities.

11. Grew My Instagram By 500% – I have had an account for a few years but only ever used it for personal stuff but during 2015 I started getting more serious about it and found my groove. Will be working on a new strategy for this year. I really started out posting here and there over the last couple of months with no real idea what I was doing but now I’m really starting to get the hang of it.  I’ve grown my audience by 500% in just 3 months by posting once every day or three… in 2016 I’m implementing a solid strategy and will give you an update at years end to let you know how I got on.

12. Systemised My Biz – Though I run with pretty tight systems in my business already there were some that just weren’t working. So, out with the old and in with the new. If something is not working for you there’s absolutely no point keeping it around.

13. Ditched My Copywriter – For 3 years I’ve been working with a copywriter who would help with some of my blogs, etc but I always felt she just wasn’t quite the right fit. Don’t get me wrong, her copy was fantastic, but behind the scenes things were a little murky and at times even toxic. I knew I should have done this much sooner but it just kept putting it off. But, when something is effecting your business in a negative way it makes no sense to keep it hanging around. Clear out that toxic energy. I now have a new copywriter who’s fabulous! (And, my gorgeous friend Stacey Hancock in New Zealand who is a totally badass, kick-ass copywriter!!… do it, click the link.)

14. Left 39 Facebook Groups – Again with that toxic energy. Over the years I’ve been involuntarily added to numerous groups, others I’d willingly joined. But, being in so many groups (I was in over 50 of them) can be as much of drain on your time as it is on your energy. If the groups you’re in are not serving you, aren’t where your target client is or isn’t help you to grow yourself or your business it’s not worth your time.

15. Joined Facebook Groups – Added a couple of new ones and stayed with those which are serving me and are full of like-minded people…

16. Turned Down Opportunities – If they weren’t right for me or aligned with my business, values and goals, I declined.

17. Clarity – Got clearer than ever before on who my ideal client is and the why and how I am serving them.

18. Reached and Helped Over 50,000 Women – Between my social media channels like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Periscope, Instagram and YouTube, using my videos, blogs, posts, quotes, emails, podcasts, websites, Skype chats, online programs, private online communities and more I have reached, spoken with, supported, worked with and helped over 50,000 women (and countless men) with my online content.  That includes over 100 new clients.

19. Went Raw – Used ‘raw and uncut’ videos to speak directly to my ideal clients in an unfiltered way and massively increased leads and sales.

20. Stopped Dwelling – The past is the past for a reason. Take the valuable lessons you have been given and acknowledge those past experiences for what they are – learnings in life – and move on. No-one wants to be stuck in a time-trap, do they?…

21. Started Using Canva – Designing memes, Facebook Ad images, web graphics and more. So good and it’s FREE. Check out Canva here.

22. Went to #TCS2015 – In Sydney in July with Digital Marketer and joined their programs to get an in-depth knowledge of building sales funnels that convert and have since implemented these strategies to see a massive increase in leads converting to sales faster. Up-leveling my business.  Met and spoke at length with Ryan Deiss, Richard Lindner (both of Digital Marketer fame) and Nick Bodwitch (form Australia/NZ Marketing Manager for Facebook). TCS201523. Changed Shit Up – Not only did I up the anti with outsourcing – getting rid of a few contractors and hiring some new ones (not my ever faithful assistant Juvy though, she’s not going anywhere!!), but I totally up’d the game as far as my Facebook Ads and lead gen go as well as email marketing – basically I sharpened my pencil at both ends of the online marketing and sales spectrum. I’ve studied deep and learned a shite load of proven ways to generate high quality leads ready to purchase your high ticket products right now. Hells Yeah! More profits and more freedom.

24. Did a JV – Or tried to, with a lady I met at #TCS2015. We arranged to do an event together this year but last year were to do an event in Singapore – well, her event with me guest speaker/trainer. We were going there via Bali. Got stuck in Bali (I know right, what luck…!! #hahaha) due to a volcanic eruption and couldn’t get a flight out to Singapore. It wasn’t a complete catastrophe either because the event had already been canceled due to minimal marketing time and we were really only going for holiday time and to catch up with my new found friend and colleague. Lesson learned though. I don’t want to be a speaker or stage trainer; it’s not who I am. The universe must have known before I did.

25. Got Stuck In Bali – Yeah, I know I mentioned that earlier and it’s true.  When Dan & I went to Bali ahead of our pending Singapore trip, Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok was erupting and preventing flights in and out of Bali.  So, Dan and I spent an extra 11 days there which happened to be the best of the entire trip.  Watch my video here.  We hung out with one of the local drivers Made Anassa from I Drive Bali tours.  Such a nice bloke.  Knows the island so very and is a great guide for the surfer and the non-surfer alike.  We knew Made from a previous trip where he was the hotel manager at Ellies Guesthouse in Nusa Dua, cute little spot and great for the budget.  If you’re not planning on spending your entire day being entertained by the pool this is a great spot.  Although, I’ve dropped out by the pool on many occasions to read and,if you’ve got the company  of a good book and some tunes it’s easy to drift off into your own world of uninterrupted tranquility.

26. Family Time – That making time for my children, even though they are adults now, is extremely important and extremely valuable to me personally. Time lost is time you cannot get back and relationships with our children no matter what the age are extremely precious and like nothing else you will ever experience. Every relationship, just like every child, is different. I love my girls more than the air I breathe.

27. Thought My Daughter Was Paralysed – Crazy medical experience 101!! My 21 (now 22) year old daughter had a sore ankle, which led to a sore leg, which hung around for a few days and became complete paralysis down her right hand side. She couldn’t move anything from her shoulder down. All the tests in the world didn’t find anything so the Doctors put it down to neurological. It turns out her body simply decided that it had had enough and decided to shut down. Apparently that happens. There was a term for what it was but I don’t remember that right now. But. Yeah. That happened. Hence point #26 above. Read that again.

28. Date Nights – Are AWESOME!! Not only do you enjoy data/mobile free time with the one you love but you get to actually talk to each other and get to know each other on an even deeper level. And that’s really important. And, the sex… Well, let’s just say that’s a topic for another day 🙂 lols. I highly recommend them to any couple. But, date nights don’t automatically mean you’re headed out to a fancy dinner; they’re more about connecting with one-another. After all, cozying up together in the comfort of your own home with a nice bottle of wine and even nicer home cooked meal ain’t that bad is it? Don’t simply reserve date nights for make up nights either, make it a weekly must do with your partner and watch the (sometimes) subtle changes in your relationship. They can be relationship healers if you do it right so don’t simply reserve date nights for make up nights either, make it a weekly must do with your partner.

29. Shaved My Head – Yep. That’s right. I shaved my head – well one side of it anyway. Why? Because I can. I saw a style that I loved and I decided that I was going to do it. I’d been pretty much rocking the same hair style for about 20 years (little changes here and there, true, but nothing much) and thought it was time to change things up a bit. And I love it. For the first time in many years I gotta say, I fucking love my hair man!!

instagram shvelaurafrancis30. Learned Many Lessons – Not all of them good but all of them can be learned from. I have traveled far in life and in business and have grown in more ways than I could possibly list here but the one thing I know is that if you take the lesson served up to you for what it is and are accountable for your actions you will learn and grow.

What did do in 2015 that massively changed your business and life? Leave a comment below and let me know…