Episode #13 with Laura Francis: 10 Steps To Attracting Your Soulmate Clients

So how the hell can you expect your soulmate clients to?

Admit it.
And honestly it’s ok to do so.

We’ve all been there.
We all still go there.

From time to time.

None of us are immune to it.

Every time you create a new piece of content, no matter how big or small, be it a live stream, a blog or a simple Facebook post… You’re eyes roll back in your head and suddenly you hear yourself saying UUUGGGGHHHHH!

Because, for you, coming up with content that feels good, that excites you, that you can’t wait to put out online is just something that doesn’t ever seem to happen.

Even coming up with a topic that is write-worthy seems harder than pulling teeth.

But the thing is that sometimes being an entrepreneur it’s easier to get all up in your own head about stuff than it is to actually just do the work.

And when you’re feeling like that, creating content that you love, let alone content that excites the fuck outta your soulmate clients is. just. so. hard.

I mean, finding mounds of Unicorn shit is easier, amiright?

You get to that point where you just don’t seem to know what the next step is that you should take.

But when you get like this, it pays to step away from your computer… to get outside of your office…

And reflect.

Ask yourself:

When I’m creating content that excites me and my tribe, where am I doing it? What does my environment look and feel like?

What topics have I really enjoyed writing/talking about previously? Did my tribe respond well to it?

Why did I stop creating that type of content?

What are the things that my soulmate clients are struggling with the most right now?

When I’m creating content I love and that really vibes with me, how do I feel? What emotions am I experiencing?

What are some of the things (situations, people) that get in the way of me feeling like that and experiencing those emotions?

When I am stuck like this, what kind of blocks am I experiencing (fear, excuses/stories…)?

What am I doing right now to gain momentum?

What can I do differently to raise my vibration and get back into flow?

Am I being authentically me when creating? Am I being raw, real and vulnerable? If no, why?

List out these questions and journal on them.

Pick one question that resonates with you the most and meditate on it.

Don’t freak out if the answers don’t come to you immediately. Let the question/s sit in your subconscious while your higher self works it’s magic in partnership with the Universe.

Don’t try to force it.
Don’t try to make it happen.


And if you still feel blocked, write out a list of the blocks your experiencing and ask yourself some open-ended questions that help you get clear on why you’re not moving forward.

Try these ones for size:

Fear: ‘When I’m creating content what am I afraid of? Why?

Excuses/Stories: What is the go-to excuse/story that comes up for me when I sit down to create? Is that mine? Or does it belong to someone else? Is it true?


Give yourself permission take a break from creating for a while – and I do mean a while. Not forever. Don’t give any more power to your blocks than necessary by allowing them to keep you from creating longer than you have to.

A little time off will give you time to gain a fresh perspective and relax.

But too much time away will send you spiralling down the proverbial rabbit hole, fast and with no way of slowing down.

In truth, often what brings you back to flow is a simple change of environment and…

You guessed it, baby.

Go where you can let your creativity run free.
Where you can let loose what is inside of you.
Where you can unleash all of the things.

If after taking these steps you still feel sick when you see or hear what you have created…


Because the truth, the answer you are likely to come up with is…

Not at all.
It’s got little to do with content creation.

And more to do with your evolution.
About the creation of you.
Of your ideal self.
Of the reality you desire.

This is about growth.
This is about expansion.
This is about you being all the you that you can be.
This is about you embracing the fuck out of the you that you were created and born to be.

And, honestly gorgeous badass.

We all experience moments in time like this… Those of us who are creatives, visionaries, leaders, messengers…

And if you play your cards right, THESE MOMENTS will be just that. Moments. And not an eternity.

They will pass by.

But one thing soooo many people do is to take these moments as an opportunity to rest. To allow yourself to release those things that are no longer serving you. To accept that it’s time to up level, to think differently, to act differently, to create differently.

That these are the times when your higher self is sending you some super fucking important messages.

That these are times when you simply must allow yourself:

To stop.
To sit a while.
To rest.
To be still.


Because chances are, that what’s happening right now, that what’s going on when you’re feeling all BLAH like this…

Is that your higher self is telling you that it’s time for you to rise.

Is that this is the breakdown that comes before you get to experience the breakthrough.

That it’s time for you to stretch a little.
That it’s time for you to grow a little.

Your higher self is telling you that NOW IS THE TIME for you to up level.

To recalibrate.
To realign.

To go deeper.
To go farther.
To go bigger.

Your higher self is telling you that you’ve outgrown yourself. That you’ve outgrown your message. In fact that your message has evolved.

That your dreams and desires are bigger than you’re allowing them to be right now.

That your passion and your purpose are more grand than you’re allowing them to be right now.

That your art. That your creativity. That your vision. Is so much greater than you’re allowing them to be right now.



Don’t fight it.
Don’t force it.
Don’t resist it.
Don’t hate it.
Don’t fear it.
Don’t doubt it.

Feel into it.
Listen to your intuition.

Because, my love, you already know what’s going on. Really you do. It’s impossible for you not to.

You see.
The thing is.

You and your higher self.
You aren’t seperate beings.
You aren’t dual entities.

You are one.
But your higher self IS your compass.
It is your guiding light.

Let it lead you to the next stage, to the next stage of your destiny.

Allow it to be.
Embrace it.
Love it.
Own it.
Claim it.

Receive what is yours by right.

Love, Truth & Badassery,
Remember… You Have One Life. Hit The Fuckin’ Button!

Lauz xx
Mindset & Online Empire Creation Mentor

Laura Francis_Blog Image

Do you ever feel like there’s something missing from your life?

Like you and your business need a little somethin’ somethin’… But you just can’t put your finger on it?

One thing that most of my soulmate clients know for sure is that for them to achieve the results they desire, to climb to the heights they desire…

They need to be surrounded by real, true, badass leaders.

Female leaders.


I don’t just mean women who do similar things.
I don’t just mean women who think like you do.
I don’t just mean women who are your friends.
I don’t just mean women who are your peers.
I don’t just mean women who are online.

What I do mean is:

That they know they must surround themselves with real, raw, truthful, authentic, unapologetic, powerful, rebellious, game-changing, creative and visionary, spiritual women who GET them.

Women who are here to live their lives full out, on purpose, to experience massive success and who won’t let any-fucking-thing get in the way of them doing that.

Women who know that without that, they simply cannot have it all.

And for them, not having it all is not an option!

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Knows she was born to build a fucking empire!
Wants to have it all and who wants it right now.
Will do whatever it takes to get it, on her terms, by her rules.


The woman who is willing to cut through the bullshit and rise above the rest.

To be the elite of the elite.
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The woman who is ready to stand out from the crowd, to become the expert, to be the leader.

The woman who is ready to be everything she was born to be… and so much more!

The woman who knows in her heart of hearts that she is a Queen and who is ready to claim that.

The woman who is ready to crush her multiple 6-figure income goals and make more money than she’s ever made before.

What d’ya say baby?
Sound like you?

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DISCLAIMER: Laura Francis does not guarantee or warrant specific results or increased income. The potential growth, outcomes and results discussed and spoken of and the testimonials provided by Laura Francis’ clients may not be typical for all clients.