Episode #13 with Laura Francis: 10 Steps To Attracting Your Soulmate Clients

We’ve all been there. We’ve all done it. We’ve all experienced it.


It’s a fuckin’ nightmare.

You don’t like them.
They don’t like you.
You have nothing in common.
They’re difficult.
They’re complainers.
They’re blamers.
They’re excuse-makers.
They don’t do the work.
They’re late payers.

Wouldn’t it be nice though if there were a simple road-map to finding the women who are want to work with you and are absolutely ready to invest in themselves?

Did you read that right?


It’s like a coach/mentors (wet) dream!

Having the women that YOU WANT TO WORK WITH cued-up and knocking down your (virtual) door.

But what’s wrong with this questions?


Quite simply sweet one.

You don’t waste your valuable fucking time searching high and low on the interwebs for women ready to invest in themselves.


Hoping to find your ideal clients online – in groups, in your newsfeed, in your friends list – is like looking for a fucking needle in a haystack.


You’ll be looking.
You’ll be searching.


Spinning your wheels.
Pulling out your hair.
Curled up in a ball crying because it’s just not working for you.

You DON’T go looking for them at all.



What the actual fuck?
Is that even a thing?
Is that even possible?
Does that even work?


I know right…. That concept is sooooo far out there it might as well be in outer-space.

Truth be told.

Getting your ideal soul-level clients to COME TO YOU isn’t as far fetched as it first appears.

In fact. It’s the method I have personally used to grow my multiple 6-figure business AND it’s the same method I teach to my high-level clients.

By the way.

Are ALL my ideal soul-level clients.

Aside from your dream client being someone who wants to work with you and who is ready to invest in themselves….

What else makes for an IDEAL SOUL-LEVEL CLIENT?

You love everything about you and they love everything about you too!

You could very easily (and often do) become your best friends.

You have a ridiculous amount of things in common with you.

You can unapologetically be 100% your true self and they love you for it.

They are super excited to start working with and you’re ecstatic about that too.

They eagerly and happily pay whatever your asking price and always pay on time.

They are action takers who love to slay and will show up every single day to do the work.

They know that you are HELL YES the person they need to align with so they can achieve their goals and create the business and life they desire.

They know that to become the person they desire to be they need to ditch the excuses, stories, fears and bullshit and simply get-the-fuck-on-with-it.

They know they need tough and fierce love and ass-kickings and someone to hold them to account


You. Call. Them. In.

By being the person they need you to be.

Don’t mistake me sweet one.

I’m certainly not telling you that you need to be someone you are not in order to call them in.

What I am saying gorgeous is…

That you need to show up like an absofuckinglute BOSS they need you to be so that it’s a no-brainer (a HELL YES) for these women to know that they need to work with you.


How though do I expect you to SHOW UP AS THE BOSS when earlier in this post I said you don’t go looking for them?

Let me clarify.

You DON’T seek them out one by one. Or two by two.


You DO show up where they are.

You are not here to be the huntress gorgeous badass.
You are here to be the fucking hunted!




How do YOU become the hunted?

Here are my top 10 Steps To Attracting Your Ideal Soul-Level Clients:

1) KNOW YOURSELF: It may sound a bit ridiculous but let me explain. Your ideal soul-level clients are not that unlike you – in fact, they are likely to be exactly where you were in business/life 3-5 years ago. One of the best things you can possibly do is… get to know yourself inside and out.

Ask yourself things like:

a) What do I love doing outside of my business?
b) Where do I enjoy hanging out?
c) What activities do I enjoy?
d) What do I stand for (what am I truly passionate about) and why?
e) What are my values (what is important to me) and why?
f) What type of lifestyle do I want to live? Why?

Chances are, your ideal soul-level client will could give very similar answers.

2) AUTHENTICITY: Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Don’t try to become the person other people tell you that you need to become. Don’t try to be the person you think you need to be just to get clients. Simply show up, every single day, as the real, true version of YOU.

There is not another soul out there quite like you, embrace that. You are unique in every single way, own that unashamedly and unapologetically. Your soul-level clients will resonate with you EXACTLY as you are. They want all of you. Raw. Unfiltered.

3) JOURNALING: Ask yourself the tough questions, go far beneath the layers, below the surface level shit and get to know who you really are, what drives you and how you can expend on that. But. More than that, journaling at it’s heart is about taking your thoughts and putting them into writing, engaging you in a creative process that allows you to brainstorm effective solutions and explore new ways of thinking, doing and being.

One of the simplest and best journaling practices is the ‘brain dump’. In other words, putting pen to paper and letting whatever is ‘clogging’ up your mind fall onto the pages, therefore clearing your mind so you can better focus on what you need to get done for the day.

Add to that daily practice of writing:

A gratitude list
Your future into reality
Daily affirmations… I am ‘blah blah blah’
A list of money mantras

4) MESSAGING: You were born with a message so big and badass already inside of you that keeping it to yourself is borderline criminal 😂. Simply because your soul-level clients are out there, waiting with baited breath for you to show up and speak your magical words to them. They need it. Without your message they will be left wanting.

Having a clear, specific and purposeful message and always speaking your truth EVEN when there are people out there telling you that no-one wants to see/hear what you have to say is critical. You must show up every day and share your message – unfiltered, unapologetically, unconditionally. And doing so must be non-negotiable.

5) CONNECTING: Make a point of connecting personally with those people you are ‘friends’ with on social media – Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. I don’t mean that you must get in their inbox/messenger app and spam them with your products or links, what I mean is that by having a simple conversation with them you actually get to know them better and with that comes a stronger relationship.

And in that conversation make sure you ASK them what they need most right now in their business and NO this is not an opportunity to pitch your stuff, instead this is a great opportunity for you to recommend someone who may be able to help. Putting other peoples needs before your own is a great way to strengthen the relationship but to also be of service without pressuring them into buying your product or program.

6) SHOWING UP: But what does that even mean? Showing up is about honouring yourself and your tribe every single day. It’s about being consistently present on social media and demonstrating your prowess (otherwise known as badassery) in your niche, boldly, proudly, loudly. Showing up is fucking critical.

If your’e not out there shaking shit up and disrupting the norm in ways that only you can, you are losing out on a multitude of opportunities to really kick-ass online and serve your tribe at the highest level.

But where do you show up? How?

Well, that needs some discussion so I’ll be sure to cover that off in the following points.

7) PERSONALITY: I mean have one (as well as become one) and make sure that you share it with your existing tribe and those you would have become tribe members. Don’t keep it hidden from the world. You are uniquely you – there’s literally not another soul like you out there, not anywhere.


Ain’t no-one got time for another dead-ass boring online entrepreneur: the interwebs is overflowing with them already. Set yourself apart from the minions and wannabepreneurs by showing up BIG and BOLD and REAL. Your soul-level clients will love the shit outta you for it!

8) GIVE VALUE: I’m not talking about the dollar value of your latest offering. I mean PROVIDE REAL VALUE to your tribe. Give them what you think they need, what you know they need, what they ask for and then give them more (and more, and more!). And, when I say GIVE VALUE I really do mean ‘give’.

Give it for free and give it often and watch as the love and adoration for you grows from a slow and steady trickle to a dam-busting flood. Your ideal clients want to know you can deliver the goods long before they hand over their cash for it – that’s how it works. That’s the nature of the beast (online business). Giving doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t need to cost you anything other than a little of your time, which we all have bucket loads of.

So, give freely… Really.

9) EXPOSURE: Be relentless in getting yourself out there and seen by your ideal soul-level client. The more places and the more times they see you the faster your relationship with them is solidified.

You can do this by being part of Virtual Summits, get interviewed for podcasts and magazines, host your own live streams on Facebook and Insta, engage in other peoples Facebook groups where your ideal soul-level clients are hanging out.

And hammer your exposure home by consistently posting on your Facebook business page, personal profile and Facebook group as well as SnapChat and Instagram. Also, make sure you send traffic to your website so they can check out your latest blog post or free training.

Always be demonstrating your prowess and sharing your message, your passion and your purpose with your prospective clients.

10) BE RELENTLESS: Seriously. If there is one thing I can’t express enough is that becoming a wildly successful online entrepreneur doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t necessarily come easily… at least not in the beginning.

There will be ups and downs, breakdowns and breakthroughs. That’s all a valuable part of the journey to the top.

Take the lessons from each and every experience and keep moving forward, remaining focused on your goals, your desires and your purpose every step of the way.

Oh, and be relentless, consistently.

Oh, and here are two BONUS steps that are a MUST:

11) TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOU DO: So many people DON’T do this anywhere near enough. Too many people hate that shit. They get all tied up in knots about what people with think about them and how many times mentioning what you do is too many. I don’t know if it’s because they don’t know their frickin’ niche/industry like they should, or they simply don’t really want to grow a massive fucking’ online empire. But seriously. Swallow your fucking insecurities and doubts and just bloody do it.

People cannot buy your stuff if they don’t even know you exist.

And, well. Fuck what some people think about you – those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. In fact. They love the shit out of that stuff BECAUSE the more you tell them what you do the faster they learn that YOU are the person they need to help them to get from point A to point B.

And, don’t forget that once you’ve told them what you do… ASK FOR THE SALE. It’s pointless talking it up and getting them wanting more (aka: to work with you) and leaving them with no idea how they can do that.

12) INVEST IN YOURSELF: Honestly, this is up there with one of the bestest things you can EVER do for yourself, for a variety of reasons. Firstly, when you invest in yourself (coaching, mentoring, training, upleveling, etc.) you can help more people at a deeper level (and in more ways).

Now this is a biggie that most people fail to realise… If you expect people to invest in you (your skills, knowledge, products and programs), you must demonstrate to them that you understand the importance and the value of investing in yourself. Your prospects knowing you readily invest in yourself encourages them to do the same. By investing in yourself your basically giving them permission to the same and telling them that doing so is perfectly OK. Perfectly normal. That it’s even expected.



Always be doing the internal (know thyself).
Always be the truest version of you.
Always be peeling back the layers.
Always be sharing your truth.
Always be connecting and conversing.
Always be showing up online.
Always be revealing your personality.
Always be giving massive value.
Always be seeking exposure (I’m not saying you need to share nude selfies, but if that’s your jam then go all-in, be unapologetic about it).
Always be fucking relentless.
Always be talking about who and how you help.
Always be willing to invest in yourself.


I reckon that just about covers it.


Now that you’ve got all of this badassed goodness at your fingertips (and in your eye balls), don’t let it go to waste.

Get the fuck out there and put it into practice. Trust me. You’ll thank me for it!

Love, Truth & Badassery,
Remember… You Have One Life. Hit The Fuckin’ Button!

Lauz xx
Mindset & Online Empire Creation Mentor

Laura Francis_Blog Image


Attracting your ideal soul-level clients is one of the things we’ll cover and you will master in the Inner Circle of Badassery, 12 month 1:1 Private Mentorship.


But, before I get into the details, let me share something with you.


It’s about having faith in the uncertainty of things.
It’s about not knowing what’s going to happen next.
It’s about trusting that everything will work out.
It’s about KNOWING ALL OF THAT^ and going all-the-fucking-way-in and pursuing your dreams anyway.

And something that most people will deny, or at least not hold a conversation about.

Entrepreneurship can be a very, very dark and lonely place.

And it seldom works out for you when you try to do everything yourself. When you choose to go it alone.


And that is to surround yourself with real, true, badass leaders. Female leaders!

I don’t just mean women who do similar things.
I don’t just mean women who think like you do.
I don’t just mean women who are your friends.
I don’t just mean women who are your peers.
I don’t just mean women who are online.

What I do mean is:

That you must surround yourself with real, raw, truthful, authentic, unapologetic, powerful, rebellious, game-changing, creative and visionary women who are here to live their lives full out, on purpose, to experience massive success and who won’t let any-fucking-thing get in their way.

Because you know how important all of those things are.

Fierce love
Feminine energy

Without THAT^ you simply CANNOT have it fucking all.


NOT having it fucking all IS not an option for you gorgeous one.

Which is precisely why I decided to create my own league of absofuckinglutely extra-ordinary badass leaders.

I have created an elite INNER CIRCLE for women who are:

Done talking
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Women who are READY to start enjoying MULTIPLE 5 FIGURE MONTHS.


This isn’t for everyone.
And that’s how it’s meant to be ‘cos I don’t want to work with everyone.
I am not for everyone.
And neither are you sweet love.

I choose to only work with the:

Risk takers
Action takers

I choose to only work with women who are willing to cut through the bullshit and rise above the rest.

To become the elite.
Those who will be the best of the best.

Women who are READY to STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD and become the expert, the fucking leader.

Women who are READY to be THE FUCKING BADASS you were born to be.

Women who are READY to start BEING THE FUCKING QUEEN they have always wanted to be.


Women who are READY to MAKE BIG ASSED BANK to back it all up!

And gorgeous one.

I believe that is you.


THIS IS WHAT YOU GET (for now!):

Private 1:1 Mentoring
Unlimited access to me
4 x half day virtual intensives
2 x VIP Retreats (Bali & Spain).

Weekly trainings on all things mindset, marketing and selling
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We’re gonna massively deep dive into:
Badass Success Mindset
Authentic Badass Messaging
Game-Changing Badass Visibility
Badass Offers & Programs
Explode Your Sales Like a Badass
Profit Maximisation Badassery
Owning Your YOUness
Embracing Your Desires

We’ll also delve into things like:



Full access to my high-level group mastermind, The Unchained Leaders Lounge, so you experience maximum impact and expansion.


There’ll be:

Feature opportunities giving you exclusive exposure to my entire online community – over 35,000 people.


Of course there will be more.
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And you know that I love to over-deliver in the most fucking badass ways.

My gorgeous badass.

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It’s for women who are ready to step up and serve themselves and their soul-level clients at the highest possible level.

In all ways


I have never released an offering of this magnitude.


I’m super excited to invite you to be a part of it so you can surround & align yourself with an elite inner circle of REAL LEADERS who will pull out all fucking stops to make it happen.

That in itself

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DISCLAIMER: Laura Francis does not guarantee or warrant specific results or increased income. The potential growth, outcomes and results discussed and spoken of and the testimonials provided by Laura Francis’ clients may not be typical for all clients.