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Are You Getting Real Value From Facebook Groups?


Do you ever wonder if the time you spend posting, sharing and promoting your stuff on Facebook, especially in Facebook groups is worth it?

I’m a member of several kick-ass Facebook Groups and have my own group for bad-ass ladyboss’, Lifestyle Freedom Warrior.

As a group admin I need to delete posts that aren’t appropriate. I have to choose who I do and do not add to the group when someone wants to join. And, I also start and join in on conversations, start Q & A threads and generally keep in touch with group members on a daily basis.

[Tweet “Doing the dump ‘n run in Facebook Groups it’s not doing you any favours.”]

I’ve seen lots of different approaches to using Facebook Groups and over the years I’ve made a few observations that I’d like to share with you.

Here are the classics:

The Dump n’ Run: These guys breeze in to the group, dump a link to their latest offer or blog every week. BUT they never, ever get involved in group discussions or offer any real value to the group.

While the dump ‘n run might get you seen on Facebook and in Facebook Groups it’s not doing you any favours. You’re offering nothing of substance and doing stuff all to encourage interaction or engagement.

The Promo Junkie: We’ve all seen these peeps. A group member asks a question or posts about a trending news event and these guys pop their Strategy Session link in the thread. Completely out of context. Or they post a link to an unrelated blog post.

If your Facebook strategy revolves only around being promotional in groups you’re barking up the wrong tree. Evidence shows that you to build relationships first and promote second. What you post needs to relate to the initial post thread and be in context for it to have any stick at all.
The Spammer: These guys aren’t concerned about t he topic of the day or the group focus. They share the exact same post to lots of groups (sometimes using a 3rd party app scheduling app). But more than that, they don’t ever actually visit the group and have no real idea what the group is about.

Spammers seldom have success on Facebook or in Groups. Although they are super successful at pissing people off and getting blocked by group admins.

The Faker: Someone who only ever talks about how awesome stuff is… Or how nothing ever goes wrong in the biz or in life… These guys make it almost impossible for us to have a real connection with them.

As entrepreneurs, we all experience our hard days or shitty days. We all have weaknesses. And, we bond over our insecurities, failures our struggles and our flaws. If you’re not being real, you won’t get real bonds with people.

The science behind getting real value from Facebook starts with giving real value.

You need to interact with people. Answer questions truthfully. Don’t treat every post thread to be a promotional opportunity. Give kick-ass advice (free!!) so you’re seen as the expert. And, ask questions – ain’t no one person got ALL the answers.

[Tweet “We bond over our insecurities, failures our struggles and our flaws. Be real.”]

Here are my tips to make sure you get VALUE from Facebook, and especially Facebook groups:

1. DON’T FOCUS ON WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU: Instead, focus on what you can give. Get engaged, make friends and help people. Learn about those in your Facebook communities and focus on how you can help them. Not how you can sell to them.

2. PICK GROUPS THAT FILL A NEED: If you’re going to join Facebook Groups choose those that resonate with you. Those where your ideal clients are hanging out. Those that you’re going to want to contribute to at least three times a week. And, remember if you don’t give, you don’t get.

3. CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT: No matter whether it’s your Facebook profile, page or in groups, make sure your focus on sharing inspirational, educational, interesting and entertaining posts. Videos, text, images, quotes… it’s all content.

[Tweet “The science behind getting real value from Facebook starts with giving real value.”]

Take the time to offer something of substance. Engage in conversations. Interact and share appropriately. That way you’ll be doing your bit to make Facebook a nicer and less Spammy place to hang out online.

What’s your Facebook posting strategy? Have you been guilty of one of the ‘classics’ I mentioned above?
Share in the comments below.