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Crazy isn’t it.

I used to give a fuck about everything.
And I do mean every-fucking-thing.
Way to many fucking things.

I used to care so much about stuff – things that really mattered and things that didn’t matter at all. And I cared so much that I would let it consume me.

Like those times when I was a teenager and I gave a total fuck about being liked and being accepted by my family and by my friends.

Like those times when I was married and I gave a total fuck about making my husband happy and doing whatever it took for that to happen.

Like those times when I was constantly consumed and I gave a total fuck about always making sure that I put the wants and the needs of my children above and beyond my own.

Like those times when I was job hunting and I gave a total fuck about impressing the shit out of my future employer.

Like those times when I was so desperate to keep my job that I gave a total fuck about making sure my boss was happy and impressed by constantly going above and beyond my job description and what was required of me.

Like those times when I so badly wanted people to believe in me, to think of me as professional that I gave a total fuck about trying to please everyone while pretending to be someone I’m not.

But, here’s the thing.

Although I was super busy giving so much of a fuck…

The people I was trying to please, impress and be accepted by….


They just didn’t give a fuck about me, my feelings, my happiness, my needs or my desires.

And while I was immersed in tying myself in knots so that:

My family and friends would accept me.
My (ex) husband would be happy and not physically, mentally, emotionally abuse me.
My children’s every need and whim was met.
My potential employer was super impressed and I got the job.
My job security and therefore my income was safe.
My target clients would see me as professional and want to be a client of mine.

I was super busy NOT giving a fuck about the importance of my own values.

Financial independence


I get that all that stuff is pretty normal in the grand scheme of things.

And I also get that that stuff is the same stuff that A LOT of people, women especially, experience.

But that doesn’t mean we need to settle for that.
And it also doesn’t mean that we should settle for that.

Because, let’s face it.

A LOT of that stuff sure as shit doesn’t serve us.
A LOT of that stuff certainly doesn’t serve the highest version of us.



I can’t get that time back.
And nor do I want to.

I don’t feel the need.
Simply because all of that stuff helped me to become the person I am today.


What I went through, what I experienced back then was all stuff I chose.

Whether I was aware of it or not.

And I chose that stuff based on my values:

On what mattered to me.
On what was important to me.
On how I felt about myself.
On how I felt about life.
ON what I knew was normal.

At that time.

I chose it all because at that time that stuff is what I gave a fuck about.
That stuff is what I knew and what I valued.

But the thing is.


At this very point in time of my life.

My values are vastly different to what they were back then.
(Thank fuck for that!!)

And I know something (else) now that I didn’t know at all back then.


Maybe I did know.
But I certainly wasn’t ‘aware’.

Every single day.
Every single moment.


And so do you sweet badass.

At any given microsecond of time.
At any now that you are experiencing, that you are living.

We get to choose…

Exactly what we DO give a fuck about, and exactly what we DON’T give a fuck about.

The truth is that we are the only ones with that power.
We are the only ones who can choose.



At whatever time in our lives we are faced with the opportunity to choose.

Based on:

Wherever we are at in our lives.
Whatever matters the most to us.
Whichever experiences we desire to have.
Whoever we really want to be.

And MY NUMBER ONE VALUE is that I must put myself first.
In all aways.

I must give a fuck about myself above and beyond all others and things.


If you’re currently giving a fuck about something that you really don’t want to be giving a fuck about.

If you’re currently giving a fuck about something that someone else told you you should be giving a fuck about.

If you’re currently giving a fuck about something that doesn’t serve you and you don’t really want to give a fuck about it.

Just remember.


No matter the influence of others.
No matter how long you have already given a fuck.
No matter the way in which that thing you give a fuck about served you in the past.

You can change your mind.
You can choose something new to give a fuck about.

Life is way too short to spend it giving a fuck about things that just don’t vibe with you.

Spend some time doing the internal work.
Going deep within.

Discovering what really matters to you.
And why.

Only then, with crystal clarity can you honestly:

Know what you want.
Know what serves you.
Know what your values are.

And choose to give a fuck about only those things that truly matter to you.

At a core level.

Everything else is pointless give-a-fuckery.

What are you currently giving a fuck about that you really need to NOT any longer?

Where are your current values (aka: level of give-a-fuckery) NOT serving you and what can you do to change that, ASAP?

Drop a comment below.

Love, Truth & Badassery,
Remember… You Have One Life. Hit The Fuckin’ Button!

Lauz xx
Mindset & Online Empire Creation Mentor

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