Episode #13 with Laura Francis: 10 Steps To Attracting Your Soulmate Clients

But doing nothing is exactly what keeps you vibing low and vibing low is exactly what keeps you from rising like the motherfucking Queen you were born to be.  It is what keeps you playing a smaller game.  It keeps you in a state of mediocrity.  Settling for less than you are, for less than you deserve.

For example:

This morning I went for my usual 45 minute power walk, came home, showered, drank a couple of glasses of water (hydration is critical if you want to raise your vibration) and sat down to journal.



In fact, what came out is some negative stuff that’s been weighing me down for some time and getting that out of my system has left me feeling flatter than a blown out tyre.

And all I wanna do right now is head back to bed.

To rest.

My body is calling out for it.


It’s only 8am.

I won’t do that.

Instead, I’ll find something to do, that I love to do, that I know always raises my frequency.

And so it is.

So it is done.


I am creating something that didn’t exist a few minutes ago.

I know I’m not at all the only one who gets to experience these moments of low energy which is why I decided to write this post (and because I know writing raises my energy levels significantly).

And because I know that you too sometimes feel super flat and unenthused, I want to share with you…


1) Step outside and get in touch with nature:  Seriously.  Nature has a way of livening up your soul, of boosting your energy levels without you really having to do anything.  Hug a tree.  Smell the roses.  Hang out with the cows.  Inhale the country air.

2) Dance it off: Movement, dancing in particular is great for raising your vibration.  There’s something about dancing that – beyond getting your endorphins pumping – sets your soul on fire.  Even if you don’t consider yourself a dancer (which FYI is how I perceive myself), shaking your booty and throwing your hands in the air like you just don’t care is one of the fastest ways to go from low vibe to high vibe.

3) Tuck into some raw foods: Raw foods are so frickin’ good for you that once you chow down on some of that amazingness, even if it’s something simple like celery or carrot sticks, your body immediately rises us in thanks.  The more organic and unprocessed, the higher you will vibe.

4) Take a moment to be grateful: This may sound a bit cray cray but try it for size.  State out loud one thing that you are grateful for in this very moment.  Just one thing.  It doesn’t have to be earth shattering, even being grateful for mundane things like your well-worn Converse Chuck Taylors rapidly places you on the plane of a higher vibing frequency.

5) Meditate: Taking just 3 or 5 minutes to be still and to quiet your mind with meditation is super powerful.  As you breathe, deeply, in through your nose and out your mouth, you are calming your mind and body.  And deep breaths are great for renewing and restoring your energy levels.  There are heaps of apps out there, like Headspace, or you could listen to Abraham Hicks or even Gabrielle Bernstein (her You Are a Lightworker Meditation is badass!).

6) Touch the earth: Kick your shoes off, wriggle your toes in the grass and let mother earth do her thang.  She is jam-packed with real, raw and untapped energy and when you ground yourself by touching the earth with your bare feet is enough to raise your frequency a few notches.

7) Say no to one thing that drains you:  We all do it from time to time, allow ourselves to be surrounded by people or things that simply drain our energy, toxic things and people in our lives are not good.  Getting rid of, walking away from and not allowing these toxic ‘things’ into your life says you are giving yourself permission to live on a higher frequency.

8) Tech detox: I know we love our devices, iPhones, iPads and our laptops, shit, most of us are plugged into technology for most of our days.  But, if you want to quickly restore your energy to badass levels so you not only feel better but are in turn more productive, take yourself and a good book out for coffee for an hour or so and leave your devices behind.  

9) Less left brain and more right brain:  When you’re vibrating low, chances are that you’ve been spending too much time hanging out in your left brain and not enough in your right.  The left brain is where our judgements, limiting beliefs, resistance and all our worldly worries live.  Instead, take a trip over to right brain territory and create something that didn’t exist a few moments before (like I’m doing right now with this blog).  Unlike constantly thinking, doing something creative immediately activates the higher version of you and has you operating at a higher frequency and from a place of flow.

10) Breathe deeply: Much like a meditation practice, simply inhale and exhale a few deep breaths.  The more oxygen you’re putting into your cells the more alive you will feel.  Meaning that with a little deep breathing you’ll once again be flying (I mean vibing) higher.

11) Pump up the tunes:  Music is one of those badass things that most of us enjoy to some degree but that also strikes a cord with the higher energy frequencies of the universe.  Plug in your headphones and pump up the volume.  You’ll be vibing high in a heartbeat.

12) Say something nice to a stranger: Not just anything, make it genuine.  Complimenting someone you have never met and don’t want anything from is a great way to raise your energy level.  Because humans by nature are nice and good and kind, giving a compliment instantly fills you with the feel-goods which in turn put you on a higher vibrational energy plain.

13) Immerse yourself in the magic of the ocean: The negative ions in the ocean air and in the water quickly wipe away any energetic cobwebs holding you back from vibing high.  Go for a brisk walk or even dive under a few waves.  You can’t not feel better and vibe higher once you’ve exposed yourself to the magic of the ocean.

14) Hug it up buttercup: Yep.  A good ol’ fashioned hug from someone you know, love and trust is good for the soul and for your energy level.  I know that sometimes when I feel down I like fall into my lover’s arms and stay there a few moments, no words said, just touching, just feeling his love and tenderness and allowing that to energise me.  Once I pull away I am more energised and that ‘thing’ that had me feeling low is a distant memory.

15) Get your Spring clean on: Even if it’s not Spring.  A cluttered house or workspace is one of those things that are renowned for sapping your energy.  Spend a few minutes decluttering, re-organising and cleansing.  Not only will your space look and feel better but so will you.  

16) Go for a walk or run: This wicked combination of being out in nature and getting your endorphins pumping works like a charm.  If you’re feeling flat and unmotivated that’s actually one of the best times to get outside and move your body.  Once you start, even if you start out slow, you can’t help but be more energised.

17) Get your high vibe girl-talk on: Pick up the phone and call one of your friends – not a Debbie Downer, but someone who is quite positive, enthusiastic and who can make you laugh.  This is not a call where you moan and complain but where you call and say something like “I’m feeling like I’ve got nothing in the tank, can you say something stupid to me and get me laughing so I can refuel?!”.

And like I said, before I started writing (creating) this all I wanted to do is go back to bed.  Now I feel like I could take on the world… well, at least the remainder of my day.  

Love, Truth & Badassery,
Remember… You Have One Life.  Hit The Fuckin’ Button!

Lauz xx
Mindset & Online Empire Creation Mentor

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