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Entrepreneurial Mindset: I Went About This All Wrong For Years


For Too Long I Believed That The Whole Entrepreneurial Mindset Thing Was Nothing But Bullshit

I thought the entrepreneurial mindset was the stuff of the woo woo crowd who had their heads in the clouds and their feet too far off the ground.

It wasn’t until I was well into my own entrepreneurial journey that I discovered what mindset was. What it actually was.

And, how I had allowed mine had to rule over and affect my entire life.

In negative AND in positive ways.

Mindset vs Convoluted Belief Systems

I was caught up in the humdrum of convoluted belief systems.

Those of my parents, siblings, friends, peers, teachers, employers… Society as a whole.

Ticking along in a state of basic existence. Unable to see the forest for the trees.

Blind and deluded.

But, as I look back on my life I can see with crystal clarity where my mindset has played it’s part.

For better and for worse.

I see how it had shaped the way I viewed the world. My behaviours. My actions and my inaction’s alike.

How my mindset has shaped me into being the person I am today.

But, more than that. If I’d lived my life more in control of my mindset, how different it would be.

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The Right Mindset Is A Powerful Tool

Until just a few years ago I couldn’t see how my thinking was something I could control.

I didn’t believe that it held so much power. That my mindset was a tool like no other.


  • That I could use it to get EVERYTHING I want in life.
  • That I can make it WORK for me.
  • That I can use it to CONTROL certain outcomes I want to achieve.
  • That I could have complete POWER over it.
  • That having that power was entirely my CHOICE.

All I had to do was to be conscious of my internal self-talk. Be aware of the language I used on a daily basis.




PRACTICE GRATITUDE: Make it a daily ritual to write in my journal the 5 things I’m grateful for that day. Although, sometimes I’ll write just 3 things and other times I’ll write 50.

PRACTICE VISUALISING: Every day making the time to visualise at least one thing I want to happen. Maybe that’s signing a new client. Or it could be traveling first class. Whatever it is, I visualise that it has already happened. And I dedicate 3-5 minutes each morning to it.

PRACTICE INTENTION SETTING: I list my intentions for that day or week or month. I write them down. In my journal. AND on a post-it note that I carry with me no matter where I go. Always keeping it close to my heart.

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PRACTICE MEDITATION: With a combination of guided meditations and click-tracks. Focusing on abundance, money, energy, blocks. But, I also meditate in silence. Tapping into my core being and letting whatever message it has for me flow through.

PRACTICE SILENCE: Each morning while taking my Boxer dog, Baxtar for a walk, I do it in silence. Tuning in to the sounds of nature and blocking the flood of thoughts that would enter my unconscious. Appreciating the energy flow that is all around me.

PRACTICE READING: Whether it’s an article or blog post on social media. An online or printed newspaper. Or a book. No matter what it is, I read to expand my mind, my reality and my consciousness. Now, I’m not going to lie to you and say I do each and everyone of these things every. single. day. Because sometimes I don’t.

Nonetheless. Whenever I do practice them something amazing will happen. In both my business and personal life.

Everything we do, say, feel and believe… it’s all about mindset.

Mindset IS everything.