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Your Number One Job As An Entrepreneur Is To Define Your Target Market

So as to position yourself and your brand using the power of messaging. And, if you’re not willing to do that you may as well go back to your 9-5. How you go about it that will be the difference between success and failure.

Most Business People Are VanillaPreneurs. Pretenders. Pussy’s.

They go about their day to day marketing using a bland messaging and trying to be everyones friend.

And, because of that, if you try to be one of them, you’ve lost the battle before it’s even started.

You need to be unique. Stand in your own power. Create and own your authority. Be your truly unfiltered self. Use your own voice. Employ provocative language. Bait the market place.

No holds barred you will:

  • Encourage
  • Empower
  • Polarise

You will do whatever it takes, while being 100% authentically you, to make sure you get noticed. That your message strikes a chord deep in the heart… And. That you are seen and heard by your ideal client.

If It Doesn’t… Well You Are Wasting Your Time


If you do it right, you’re gonna set your niche afire.

They’ll love you for it
They’ll flock to you because of it
They’ll resonate with you on every level.

And, they’ll fall over their own feet to work with you and be a part of your tribe.

You’re gonna want to be prepared… be ready to accept… that there will also be haters.

  • That some people are gonna get pissed off… and they’ll blame you for it.

Because your words are like a mirror to them and they can’t bare to look at the reflection starting back at them.

  • That some people just won’t be ready to accept that they are their own worst enemy.

Because your language reminds them in no uncertain terms that they just aren’t ready. That they aren’t all they say they are. That they are fallible. That they have weaknesses and flaws. That they have such a long way to go. That they need to accept help to grow.

  • That some people won’t want to hear you speak their truth and put it out there for all to know.

Because your voice is saying what they hear in their heads and what they know in their hearts to be true. But, are afraid to admit to.

  • That some people just won’t like you because you have power they don’t.

Because you stand strong and confident and together and they just don’t know how to be. And you love and accept yourself exactly as you are.

  • That some people won’t be able to accept that someone can believe in, value and love themselves the way you do.

Because no-one has told them and shown them how to be comfortable in their own skin. They let other peoples opinions cut them down and keep them small. And, they’ll want to do that to you too. It’s all they know.

You have put in the hard work that they only talk about putting in.

You have achieved things they know they haven’t got the balls to achieve.

Haters are going to hate… That’s how it goes.


Having Haters Isn’t Necessarily A Bad Thing

Just remember this.

When you’re killing it online and you come up against the haters…

Stand tall. Pat yourself on the back. Give yourself a high five. And shout out a fucking massive Hells Yeah!

Because you’ve made it baby.

And the only way anyone can take that away from you is if you let them.