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Facebook Groups: Why No-one But You Sees Your Posts


You’re In Tonnes Of Facebook Groups So Why Aren’t They Working For You?

You already know that Facebook Groups is one of the best places online to meet and get to know your ideal clients. And to make money in your business.

But with these groups sometimes having thousands, even tens of thousands of members… Keeping up and staying in front of your tribe seems like an impossible task.

I totally get it. Absolutely I do.

When I first started posting in Facebook groups I almost chucked the towel in. I felt like it didn’t matter how often I posted; there were always dozens of new posts added immediately after mine. In turn, pushing my post further and further down the page.

But, in the GRAND scheme of things – none of that even matters.

A group can have 10,000+ members and most of my posts are STILL seen. I get engagement. And, more than that. I get paying clients.

In Facebook Groups I’m no longer the INVISIBLE ENTREPRENEUR! And, here’s why:

1. I Set Limits: I have limited the number of Facebook groups I’m part of in an effort to avoid the overwhelm. Sticking with only the groups that serve me and my business.

I did a group cull in December 2016 and am now a member of only 25 groups. And, they’re all kick-ass!

2. Keep it Consistent: I post consistently. Usually around 3-5 times a day in at least 3 groups. Nothing spammy.

Making sure that I adhere to group theme days. And, I always read and stick to the group guidelines; following them to a T.

3. Make It Stand Out: I use images… A LOT. Crisp, clear and high quality images stand out on Facebook. And, they attract so much more attention and engagement than a purly text based post.

A little text on your image adds impact. Then if someone’s too busy to read your post the image will do the work for you. And, with so much activity on Facebook, people are time poor so remember that when crafting your next post.

4. Give Them Actions To Take: All my posts have a call to action (CTA). I’m asking a questions or instructing readers to leave a comment in the post thread.

Telling people EXACTLY what you want them to do and how you want them to do it increases post engagement.

5. Give Value: I post VALUABLE content that positions me as the expert in my niche.

I share tips, strategies and stories that are sure to help my ideal clients. And, I ask leading/provocative questions…. ones that make the reader think and encourage engagement.

6. Keep Shit Real: I’m 100 % authentic ALWAYS. I can’t fake it baby. I never, ever, pretend to be someone that I’m not.

If a person in the group can’t handle the real me… well, that’s their issue, not mine. I don’t let it be an issue for me. I keep it real all the way to the bank.

Getting clients from Facebook groups isn’t difficult. Set yourself some limits. Focus on being consistent. Use compelling images. Have a strong call to action. Give real value. And, most importantly, be yourself. By following these simple steps you’ll be kicking ass in Facebook Groups. AND. Using them to get paying clients in next to no time. I promise.

What’s your Facebook Group posting strategy? Do you have one? Share in the comments below.