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Give Them So Much Value That They’re Begging You To Take Their Credit Card Details & Work With You. Now!


In Business Your Customers Are Your Toughest Critics

In business your customers are your toughest critics. So how do you go about introducing and selling your product to them without getting them offside?

To prevent them going into self-protect mode and making excuses for WHY they shouldn’t be your client… You need to show them that they’re not going to get screwed in the process.

And you do that by showing them VALUE, VALUE and more VALUE.

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Know What They’re Concerns Are And How To Address Them

Your clients main concern is that they give you their hard earned money. AND. You won’t be able to give them a solution to their problem.

So, how do you know that you have the solution they need? By taking the time to get to know them BEFORE you try to sell to them!

Find out:

1. Where they’re at right now in their lives.

2. What is the problem they need solved and why.

3. What they want their lives to look like once their pain or problem is gone.

You need to understand their unique needs. But, clients don’t always know how to say what they want or need. Sometimes they don’t know exactly what it is – besides needing their problem, pain or suffering removed from their lives. The way around this is to ask them probing questions.

Questions that cut to the core of their problem and open up the festering wound inside. You need to go deeper than they’re prepared to go with themselves.

No excuses.

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What Do They Want To Be Different In Their Lives And Why?

Find out exactly why they want out of their current situation and what put them there in the first place.

1. Learn about their past experiences. What worked. What didn’t. And why.

2. Build a relationship with them before you ever try selling to them.

3. People only buy from people they KNOW. LIKE. And. TRUST.

4. Show them in no uncertain terms that your product is a fit for them.
For example, recently I was talking with a prospective client (let’s call her Amber) about her business. She said she wanted to ‘kill it online’ just like I do. So I set about asking her in-depth questions about her business.

Questions she just couldn’t answer. Questions no-one had asked her before. Questions she had never asked herself.

Amber and I had been on a call for about 25 minutes and I’d been asking her all the right questions… but she was giving me nothing.[/vc_column_text][dt_gap height=”10″][vc_column_text]Nothing of substance. Nothing but fluff.

She kept repeating the same things over and over again… ‘I want to kick-ass online…’. ‘I wan’t to help women to…’. ‘I want (insert fluff talk here)…’. We were getting nowhere.

And, that’s not because Amber didn’t want to tell me. She simply didn’t know how.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

She didn’t know how to tap into her true self and expose the truth that lies within. How to draw on WHY it was so important to her that she helped her clients to achieve xyz in life.

But, I do.

I pushed harder. Cheering her dig deeper. Getting her to look past the superficial shit-talk that she was giving me. And encouraging her to tap into her to deeper purpose.

To call on her WHY.

You see. It’s all well and good to ‘want to help people to be more…’ of whatever it is that you do. But, if you cannot be specific about what that thing is, you are never going to be able to help your clients to get what they want in life.

You Need To Be Clear On Your WHY!

So, together Amber and I went on a journey. Her journey to self discovery. And, when I pushed and told her she was giving me nothing of substance… Instead of resisting me… resisting her truth… she broke.

Out of her protective shell and into a whole new world of her deepest truth.

She opened up to me in a way that she’d never even dreamed possible. She cried and she laughed and she cried again. And, that’s when the true Amber came to the surface. When the person we both knew was hiding inside came out into the light. When she revealed to me what she really cared about and why.

That’s when:

She felt free. Liberated. Real. Raw. Authentic. Ready.
I revealed her deepest and most hidden needs.
She knew that I was the right mentor for her.
I knew she was a good fit to work with me.
She knew with crystal clarity where she actually needed my help.
I knew without a doubt that I could give her the solution she needs.
She knew I could help her to remove her pain.
And, that’s when the true value of what I was doing and could do became obvious to her.
Amber was ‘sold’ without me selling to her.

That’s when I could’ve taken her money. I could’ve stopped there. BUT. I didn’t. Because Amber deserved more.

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Give Them The Attention They Deserve

I continued to speak with her for almost an hour. Showing her the way through the tunnel. Delivering her more and more solutions. More and more value with every word.

And by the end of the call it was her asking me how she could give me the money to join my program… even before she knew how much it was.

And, that’s when I closed Amber into a $10k program.

With a deeper understanding of what your customers REALLY care about… What their PAIN is… What their WHY is… What they WANT their lives to look like… And. By showering them with VALUE…

You remove any blocks or deal breakers from the conversation. Sell on value and not on price.

Are you delivering that much value to your ideal clients? Are your clients begging you to take their payment now so they can work with you?

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