DO NOT tell me that you’ve been doing everything you can to get the leads, clients and money you desire when you haven’t even shown up online for a month (or more).

DO NOT tell me how much you want it when you’re not even prepared to show up and do the work.

DO NOT tell me your poor me stories when you won’t even get out of your own way to create the business and life you claim to want so much.

That stuff.
All of that stuff.

It’s just stories.
It’s just excuses.
It’s just bullshit.

And the more you repeat that stuff, the more it becomes your truth.
Worse still, the sooner what you don’t want becomes your reality.


Don’t get me wrong…

I know we all have limiting beliefs that keep us from moving forward as fast as we’d like and in the ways we’d like.

I know we all have fears that can be extremely crippling and stifling and scare us into playing a smaller game than we want to be playing.

I know that we all have past experiences that we’re trying to protect ourselves from ever having to go through again.

I’ve been there and my high-level clients have been there too.
And we still work through shit just like that – every. day.


It actually never, ever stops!

While ever you’re stretching, growing, expanding and rising…

These UPPER LIMITS (commonly known as shit that keeps you stuck and tries to tear you down) will continue to present themselves to you.

They may look and feel a little different each time, like they’re wearing a different outfit or a new disguise.

But that’s just how the Universe tests your commitment… That’s how it goes about asking you if you really want what you say you want.

And each time you’ve gotta do the work to unearth what those upper limits are and move past them or blow them to smithereens.

That’s how you demonstrate clearly and concisely to the Universe that, YES motherfucker, I do indeed want that/those things.

Deliver that/them to me!

It’s not always easy.

It’s not always comfortable.

It’s not always pain-free.

And it’s not always pretty.

Sometimes it hurts like hell and is ugly as sin!

But you’ve gotta get up, show up and do the work so you can serve your people and so you can create the 6-figure sales, the business and the life that you…


That’s the only way you get to be able to leave that shit in the past – where it belongs. And that’s also the only way you get to be able to rise up as the motherfucking Queen you were born to be!


So is the external work!

And, the thing is…

If you don’t show up – nobody remembers you even exist.
If you don’t show up – nobody gets to hear your message.
If you don’t show up – you cannot speak your truth.
If you don’t show up – you cannot share your offers.
If you don’t show up – you don’t get to ask for the sale.
If you don’t show up – you’re not following your passion.
If you don’t show up – you’re not living your life on purpose.
If you don’t show up – you won’t get to fulfil your desires.
If you don’t show up – you cannot serve those who need you.
If you don’t show up – you cannot call in the money you want.

More importantly.

If you don’t show up…


The Universe won’t show up for you!

If you want ANY OR ALL THE THINGS then you MUST SHOW UP and do what needs to be done.

Every. Single. Day.


They cannot – they will not – happen unless you do!

Love, Truth & Badassery,
Remember… You Have One Life. Hit The Fuckin’ Button!

Lauz xx
Mindset & Online Empire Creation Mentor

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