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But it doesn’t need to be.

I see you there sweet one. And I know you. Probably better than you actually know yourself right now.

The thing is.
I know…

That right now you have a gazillion ideas running around your head and that you struggle knowing which one to turn into an offer and product that you’re audience would want to buy.

That you’re not sure what to say or how to say it so you can attract your ideal soul-level client.

That you’re not quite sure if that voice in your head is your ego (fear, resistance, self-doubt, etc.) or your intuition talking to you.

That you’re unsure of what it is that you’re truly passionate about, what it is that truly sets your soul on fire.

That you know you need help and support to get from where you are right now to where you desire to be but you’re so Goddamn used to doing everything on your own that asking for that help makes you feel week, incompetent and helpless.

That you’re confused, overwhelmed, scared, feeling isolated and alone.

That you believe that no-one else in the online entrepreneurial space struggles, falls, stumbles, crumbles like you do.

That you’re the only one who spends hours each day creating content – posts, freebies, offers and products but never, ever pulls the trigger on them to get them in front of your tribe.

That you’re constantly feeling like you’re the only one who is experiencing all this stuff right now.

But, gorgeous one.

Here’s the kicker.



They go through this stuff more than once.
They go through these things repeatedly.

The things is that you’re using what you see on social media as your yardstick and that’s what you’re measuring yourself against.

But what people share on social media is all too often the glossy stuff.

Their happy/perfect family pics
The client highs/breakthroughs
The business wins/successes

They, however, seldom share the REAL TRUTH of what is going on behind the scenes.

They don’t share their stories of shitty relationships and 2 year old tantrums.

They don’t share their stories of clients who don’t do the work and don’t get the results.

They don’t share their stories of struggle, of loss, of fear and of sacrifice.

They don’t share their stories of financial strain, of debt, of the time it actually took them before they started to truly profit.

All too often, what you see on social media is a facade.

All too often, what you see on social media is just a front.

All too often, what you see on social media is too unreal.


Gorgeous one.

When you measure yourself against them.
When you compare life and your success to theirs.

You are always going to be left wanting.
You are always going to feel diminished.
You are always going to feel less than.


You can’t not.
It’s impossible.


How about you measured yourself against yourself?
How about you compared your life and your success to your own?

Imagine how different you would see things then.
Imagine how different you would feel about things then.
Imagine how different you would do things then.


What if…
What fucking if…

You actually DID reach out and get the help you know you need?

You would have someone, a sounding board if you will, who you could bounce your gazillion ideas off… In turn making the process of choosing which one to run with a whole lot easier (and faster).

You would have someone who understood what you needed to say and could help you to say that so you could attract the clients of your dreams.

You would be more easily and quickly able to determine whether it was your ego or your intuition talking to you. Which means you can then act faster.

Tapping into your passions and what sets your soul on fire would no longer be such a mind-numbing mystery to you.

You would no longer feel the need to go-it alone, you’d not feel week, incompetent and helpless and instead would feel empowered, unstoppable, unbeatable.

You wouldn’t continue to feel confused, overwhelmed, scared, isolated and alone.

You would understand the truth about the struggles that all online entrepreneur goes through and that everyone stumbles, falls, crumbles. Not just you.

You would believe in yourself more, trust yourself more and pull the fucking trigger more to get your message, your content and your products in front of your ideal clients.


Never again would you feel like you were the only one who has every been where you are at right now. Because you will have aligned yourself with someone who’s been exactly where you are right now.

My love.

I ask you.

Which version of you do you want to be?

The one who lives in fear, uncertainty, isolation and a place of struggle.


The one who lives their life full out, confident in the knowledge that they don’t need to do it all on their own and who knows how to message, connect and sell to their ideal client and who operates from a place of truth and empowerment?

If it’s the latter and you are ready to trust yourself and take that leap of faith to get the help and support you desperately want and need so you can live the life you truly desire…

Send me a private message and let’s talk about how I can help you to do just that.

Love, Truth & Badassery,
Remember… You Have One Life. Hit The Fuckin’ Button!

Lauz xx
Mindset & Online Empire Creation Mentor

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