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Hi gorgeous game-changing rebellious badass!

Laura Francis here. And I am honoured to welcome you to Mindset for Manifestation. Actually, I am SUPER EXCITED to welcome you. Because, sweet one…

I Absolutely Believe That The Universe Bought You Here On Purpose!

With purpose.
To live a life of purpose.
And of infinite possibility.
As creative genius.

And that you feel… No. You KNOW that you know that you’ve got so much more to give. So much more to experience. So much more to live.

And you’re ready.
For all of it.



There’s something getting in the way of you doing that.
Of you having that.

Of you doing it the way you want to do it.

Of you living the life you have always desired to live.
That you were born to live.

Those things that you have desired to have in your life for what seems like half a fucking life time are constantly in your thoughts.

But, instead of feeling positive about them… You’re filled with doubt. And the level of doubt you feel, that you’re hearing inside of your mind, is intensifying.

By the day.
By the hour.
By the minute.
By the moment.

The down side of that is that the Universe ALWAYS gives you what EXACTLY what you’re asking for, whether you ACTUALLY want it or not.

So right now, the more you feel and think that those things which you desire the most are getting farther and farther away from becoming real for you.

The more and more that becomes your truth.
That’s how the Law of Attraction works.



So to get the Law of Attraction working for you, working in your favour, you need to change the way you think. You need to tweak your thought processes. You need to reprogram your mindset…

Your belief systems.
Your stories.
Your internal dialogue.

And that’s when you become realigned with your internal power. With the natural flow of energy within you that allows you to focus your thoughts on that which you truly want to be in your life, that you truly want to feel, that you truly want to experience, and to manifest all of it into your reality.


This is where most people, most online entrepreneurs, most creative genius’ struggle.

And I know that this is exactly what you’re experiencing right now.



And you know that.
Which is WHY you’re here.

Because, gorgeous one, you are ready to change that shit up.


Let’s talk things through a little.
Let’s get completely honest.
Let’s be frank with one another.

Because, sweet one.

You weren’t born to settle.
You’re just NOT one of those people.
You weren’t born to be less than.
You weren’t born to feel less than.
You weren’t born to have less than.
You weren’t born to experience less than.


You were born to create.
You were born to thrive.
You were born to explore.
You were born to expand.


And that is within you.
Right now.

Just waiting for you to acknowledge that in order for you to be able to create the business and the life that you desire so fucking much, you’re gonna need to tap back into it.

Remember back to when you were a kid and…

Without knowing you even had that ability.
Without knowing you even had that capacity.
Without knowing you even had that power.

You could, at absofuckinglutely anytime at all, without even fucking trying, call whatever you wanted, whatever it was that you desired at the time, into your reality.

The truth is that THAT power is still within you.

But as you grew through your teens, into and beyond your twenties, thirties, society conditioned you into believing that you were powerless.

That you just couldn’t be, do and have anything at all that you desired.

That doing so was impossible.

That believing you could do so was simply ri-fucking-diculous.

At some point.

You (unconsciously) became convinced that they were right.
Without ever intending to do so, you had allowed society as a whole to persuade you that you were not as good as you thought you were, that you couldn’t believe in yourself in such a way.

Remember back when you were looking to buy your first car and how you knew with crystal clarity what type of care it was that you desired?

The make.
The model.
The condition.
The paint job.
The interior.
The upholstery.

Do you remember how you REFUSED TO SETTLE for anything less than THAT?

Do you remember those FEELINGS that having that kind of CLARITY evoked inside of you?

Do you remember what it felt like to TRUST in yourself and to KNOW with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that…

No matter what you needed to do…
No matter the level of commitment needed…
No matter how long it took…

That car would be yours.


It was!!


Me too.

But what you didn’t realise back then was that THAT^ was…


And you were badass at it!

Sadly though…

You lost the ability to continue to do that.
You stopped having that kinda clarity.
You ceased to have that kinda belief.
You forgot how to tap into those feelings.
You lost the ability to simply trust.
You buried that real knowing deep inside.
You misplaced that undeniable certainty.


Try as you might.

You just cannot seem to get all of that stuff back again.

I get it gorgeous badass.
I completely understand you sweet game-changing rebel.

I do.

I also know that you didn’t know that it was manifestation.

And that you didn’t know that you had the ability to call into your reality ABSOLUTELY EVERY-FUCKING-THING that you desire.

But you did have that ability.

And the truth is my sweet one.

That you STILL DO have that within you.

Look, the thing is.

Throughout our lives.
While growing from childhood into adulthood…

Lots of stuff happens that takes us off our true course.

That takes us away from our core creative abilities.
That causes us to abandon our real connection with source.
That stops us living a life filled with of infinite possibility.

My love.


When you were born into this world you were perfectly in tune with your intrinsic abilities to be, do and have anything you desired.

You were born with a deeper level of knowing, awareness and pure consciousness than most humans can ever truly conceive of.


During that growth phase…

You experienced one hell of a lot of social conditioning.

You were told that you are not allowed to be who you want to be.

You were constantly forced to change your behaviours and your belief systems so they were aligned with your families, lovers, leaders and society as a whole…

You were persuaded into showing up as the person they wanted you to be and so you became:

Less than
Not enough

You lost your will to desire those things you once held dear, that you once hoped would become yours.

You lost interest in creating the life you had once wanted, that you thought you were destined for.

You lost your passion for living the life you were born to live, for choosing to experience life as it should be.


All of that stuff is coming back to you.

Right now.

And you don’t want to waste this opportunity you are being given…

To create the life you desire.
To call into your life everything you desire.
To manifest the reality you desire.


O.K. gorgeous badass. You are ready to discover exactly how to shift your thinking, your actions & your state of being so you can easily manifest everything you desire, including money & clients, into your reality.

Which is precisely why I have created this uniquely badass 30 Day Mini-Course.

Basically. Truthfully. Specifically.

I created it…

Just. For. You!

Love, Truth & Badassery,
Remember… You Have One Life. Hit The Fuckin’ Button!

Lauz xx
Mindset & Online Empire Creation Mentor

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Shift your thinking. Your Actions. And your state of being.

So you can easily manifest everything you desire into your reality.

This course isn’t like my other courses.

This is a badass dose of my high vibe content along with really fucking empowering videos, meditations, messages and modules I’ve used to create a multiple-6-figure business.

But this course is also more than that.

30 days.
4 modules.
Daily journal prompts.
Daily affirmations

We’ll be digging deep.
Going all-the-fucking-way-in.
Doing the internal work.

And coming together so you can rise up like the fucking badass you were born to be.


🔑 30 Days of Guided Inner Work: In the form of actual journal prompts and activities, affirmations, strategies and processes that I use personally and in my business with my high-level, high-ticket 1:1 clients to get clear on what it is that you want, to lock in your desires and lock in your vibration every. single. day.

🔑 4 Training Modules: These are recorded live with you. We’ll cover unfiltered and unapologetically all things mindset, infinite possibility and manifestation, including tapping into the core of your being and unleashing that truth via your message online.

🔑 Facebook Group: Your prompts are to be delivered to you each day either by me or my team. Once the mini-course is over, we’ll get the prompts and modules setup in a membership platform on my website, so you can have lifetime access.

🔑 BONUS Unlimited Audio Messaging: Which means that you can send me an audio message via Facebook Messenger 24/7, reaching out telling me where you’re at or seeking guidance and support and I will personally respond to you. That means you won’t get a response from one of my team members, I will respond to you directly.

The work you do on your own combined with the work we do together is super fucking powerful.


Shift Your Thinking: We’ll deep dive into and reprogram your current belief systems and limited thinking that are holding you back from allowing yourself to ask for and receive all that you desire.

Aligning Your Actions: Removing all of the busy work, the bullshit distractions that are getting in the way of you showing up every single day as the creative genius you are and blocking the natural flow of energy that is within you and keeping you from manifesting your desires.

Adjusting Your State Of Being: Tapping into your energy flow and synchronising that with who you really are and exactly what it is that you desire and why, so you can connect with the infinite possibility that lies within you.

Stripping Back The Layers: Removing the stories of your past that are weighing you down and blocking your ability to know your truth and showing you how easy it is for you to release that out into the world via your messaging.

Owning Your Desires: Getting crystal clarity on exactly what it is you desire to have in your business and your life, why that is important to you and creating a clear path so you can manifest all of it into your reality.

Connecting To Emotion: Understanding the role your feelings and your imagination play in putting you on the right vibrational frequency for manifesting everything you have ever desired into your business and your life.


We will start on Tuesday 21st November.

You will receive your first of your Journal Prompts and Affirmations on that day. You will receive new prompts each day for 30 days.

We will record the first two modules late November and the remaining 2 modules early December.

I will be available to answer your questions in our private FB group.

(When we begin this Mini-Course I will be in Bali on a 3 week working holiday but this will not effect the delivery of any of the course content including prompts, inner work and video trainings. While flying there may be a short delay in my responses to your audio messages or FB group questions but once I’m back on the ground I’ll action those for you.)

You will have a week in-between each module so you can easily implement each of the trainings and to catch up on your journal entries and inner work before the next module arrives.

The entire length of the course is 4 weeks to make sure you have plenty of time to revisit/complete all the course content. Feel free to use the prompts and modules at your own pace.

You have all content for life.

My team will be available for you throughout the process.

Enrol by 21st November at 5pm AEDT to come live to the Module One training!

I’m super excited and can’t wait to see you on the inside badass!!

4 PAY: NON-VIP >>>


1 x Private Session with me (Laura)

4 PAY: VIP >>>

I’m so frickin’ excited about this mini-course and I can’t wait to get started.

See you on the inside badass!