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Want To Know The ONLY Reason You’re Not Making REAL Money In Your Business Yet?

Now, I could go ahead and try pissing in your pocket… Agreeing with all your excuses or even make ‘poor you’ cooing sounds in support of your lack of business success.


So, I’m gonna be completely honest with you.

The ONLY reason you’re not making real money in your business is because you DON’T FUCKING BELIEVE YOU CAN!

To be fair, this can look like a variety of different things to different people. It comes down to perception. BUT. The truth is that even though you SAY you want it. That you THINK that you can do it. That it would be NICE to have it….


And playing the losers game of comparisonitis; saying things like “yeah, it’s easy for ‘insert name here’ because they have x, y and z ain’t gonna help you one bit.

All that does is perpetuate your own excuses, your stories, about why that person cannot be YOU!

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BELIEF = TRUST: That come hell or high water you are going to succeed. That it doesn’t matter how many times you get pushed backwards or knocked down. That you are always going to get back up. That you’ll never quit.

The life of an entrepreneur isn’t easy (if it was EVERY man and his dog would be giving it a go!). And, if you started your gig because you thought it would be…. then giving up will appear to be an EASY option too!

BELIEF = SELF CONFIDENCE: That it’s irrelevent who your industry peers are and how they do what they do… It doesn’t matter to you. Because you know that you are THE ONLY you in this world. And, no-one else can bring it quite like you can.

Focusing on your own stuff is THE only way to be successful. Wasting your time worrying about how and what others are doing is a fucking waste of your life. And, you will NOT be successful.
BELIEF = SHOWING UP: From the place that you want to be in the future and NOT coming from that place where you are right now. That to be successful and make real money in your business you need to start behaving like you already have made it!

As an online marketing and lifestyle freedom mentor I soooo often hear… “When I have the money I will do this… (quit my day job, start my own business, etc”. Or “When I’ve done ‘abc’ I’ll invest in ‘xyz’…(training, mentoring, biz growth, travel, etc.)”.

Waiting for the perfect situation or relying on your safety net will keep you stuck, fucked and broke. It’s an excuse. And you’ll use it.

BELIEF = GETTING UNCOMFORTABLE: Doing that ‘thing’ that isn’t working for you and doing it on repeat is pure insanity. The result will never, ever change. It’s logic.

I speak with a LOT of women every year and some choose NOT to get uncomfortable. Fast forward 6 or 12 months time and I chat with that same woman and she’s STILL in the exact same place she was when we first spoke… It’s fucking sad!

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So, if you’re reading this and thinking “Hang on Lauz… I really do believe!” but you’re still not where you want to be then I encourage you to dig deeper and discover WHY that is.

Look, the simple truth is that if you want something bad enough… If you’re invested in something so much that it’s like the air you breathe (i.e. your frickin’ business)… That YOU will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

You’ll work day and night; and night and day. You’ll push yourself. You’ll put yourself out there online for the world to see… no matter how fucking uncomfortable you feel. You’ll find a way to get the money you need to invest in yourself and in your business.

Is self belief the biggest thing holding you back in business and in life RIGHT NOW? What are you doing to overcome it? I’d love to get your thoughts in the comments below.

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