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You keep making it about a thing.
The thing that’s responsible.
The thing that’s to blame.
The thing that’s holding you back.
The thing that getting in the way.
The thing that hinders you.


It’s not really about a thing.
It’s not really about any thing.

It’s about you.


The reason you don’t show up in all your fucking badass glory has nothing to do with any thing.

It’s all about you.

It’s all about what you think.
It’s all about what you believe.
It’s all about what you say is true.

The reason you don’t share your message and speak your truth unapologetically.

It’s all about you gorgeous.

It’s about you not believing in yourself.
It’s about you not valuing yourself.
It’s about you not trusting your words.

The reason you don’t ask for the sale has nothing to do with any thing.

It’s about you sweet one.

It’s about your doubt.
It’s about your stories.
It’s about your fears.

So you see.
In truth.

It’s absolutely not about a thing.
It’s absolutely all about you.

It’s about what you get caught up in.
It’s about what you let keep you stuck.
It’s about what you won’t share with your people.


So my love.

Saying that you can’t or are afraid to show up has nothing to do with:

You not knowing how to do it.
You not knowing where to do it.
You not having a massive following.
You not being online famous.
You being a new entrepreneur.

It’s because you’re afraid that you’re not good enough and that you’ll never crack the market like others have. You’re afraid that you’ll always be playing small. As if you’re just starting out.

Saying that messaging isn’t your thing has nothing to do with:

You not knowing what to say to your people.
You not feeling comfortable in front of the camera.
You not liking the sound of your own voice.
You feeling like you’re talking to no-one.
You being repetitious in your message.
You don’t have time to create content.

It’s because you’re scared that people won’t like what you have to say. That what you say won’t make any sense. That you’ll be judged and ridiculed for speaking your truth. That no-one will like you for being so bold and strong. Of who will see/watch it.

Saying that you couldn’t ask for the sale has nothing to do with:

You not knowing how ask for it.
You not knowing what to sell.
You not knowing how to sell.

It’s because you’re scared that you’re going to hear a ‘no’ and that that ‘no’ will be the last straw. That that no will confirm that you’re just not good enough. That that ‘no’ will mean that that person doesn’t value you/your product. That that ‘no’ will mean outright rejection and failure for you.

So sweet gorgeous badasss.

You see.

It’s all about you.

The reason you don’t follow your dreams.
The reason you don’t pursue your passion.
The reason you don’t live your purpose.

Has fuck-all to do with you not knowing what you need to do, when you need to, where you need to or how you need to do it…

It’s because you’re afraid that when you actually get there that everything will change. That you will change. That you will have to step up more and more. And that the more that happens; the more you do that… the faster and the more people you will lose in the process.

You’re actually afraid that you’ll outgrow your family, friends, etc. and that you’ll be alone. That you’ll need to start again. That you’ll have no-one to turn to.


That’s all surface level shit.
There’s really no substance to any of it.

You need to do deeper than the surface to get to the root cause of what’s keeping you playing a smaller game than you were born to play.

You need to go much deeper than the first thoughts that come up.

You need to go much deeper than the first excuses that come up.

You need to go much deeper than the first stories that come up.


Go deeper within.

Because those first things that come up…

They’re never, ever the real thing.
They’re just the egoic thing.
They’re just the logical thing.
They’re just the thing that’s familiar.


Even though those first things that come up may appear, seem and sound extremely logical and pragmatic…

They’re not.

They’re just surface level fluff, bullshit.

Designed to keep you stuck.
In place to keep you small.
There to keep you in fear.


Go deeper again.

Instead of you not knowing how or where to show up… It’s actually about what you the uncertainty of what you might open yourself up to.

Instead of not having a massive following, not already being online famous, being a new entrepreneur… It’s actually about the uncertainty of the changes that will need to be made, that will happen around you once you get past that.

Instead of not knowing what to say or being repetitious or not having time to create content… It’s actually about working through the beliefs, the stories, the fears and the excuses that are stopping you from speaking your truth.

Instead of not being comfortable on camera or not liking the sound of your own voice or feeling like you’re talking to no-one… It’s actually about the social conditioning, the judgements you’ve faced, the nasty things people have said, it’s about not being good enough.

Instead of not knowing how to ask for the sale or what to sell or how to sell it… It’s actually about being rejected. It’s about not being accepted. It’s about not being valued. It’s about not being enough.

And all of THAT^ stuff.

That’s the REAL stuff.

That’s the STUFF you need to work on.

That’s the REASON that you’re coming up with all of this doubt, all of these stories, and excuses.

That’s your JUSTIFICATION for not showing up, for not messaging and for not asking for the sale… For playing life small and for being less than you are.


Go deeper.
Go far deeper than you’ve gone before.
Go much deeper than most are prepared to go.

And ask yourself:

If I do ______________ (this thing that I am resisting) what do I believe will happen?

Is that true?

How does that belief make me feel?

How does that belief serve me?

Why do I believe that and when did that become a thing for me?

If I could choose to feel any other way, how would I choose to feel instead?

If I could choose a different belief, what would I choose to believe instead?

What is standing in the way of me choosing to feel and believe differently?

Take your doubts.
Take your excuses.
Take your stories.
Take your fears.
Take your beliefs.

And pick them apart.

Take that thing you’re making it all about.
And tear it to shreds.

Because then…
And only then.

Will you uncover the real thing.

The ACTUAL REASON that you are avoiding showing up, sharing your message and asking for the sale.

The TRUTH BEHIND why you are choosing to play a much smaller game than you were born to play.

Love, Truth & Badassery,
Remember… You Have One Life. Hit The Fuckin’ Button!

Lauz xx
Mindset & Online Empire Creation Mentor

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