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Oh the doubts.
Oh the fears.
Oh the questions.
Oh the stories.

Oh how they keep you stuck.
Oh how the keep you miserable.

Oh how they keep you from being the multiple 6-figure badass you desire to be!

How many times have you asked yourself if you actually have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

A fucking LOT!

How many times have you asked if you actually have what it takes to become successful?

A fucking LOT!

And, how many times have you asked yourself why, oh. fucking. why. does hitting 6-figures (and more) a year continue to elude you?

A fucking LOT!

Let’s be real here.

There are SO MANY things you want out of life:

❤️ The freedom to travel – whenever, wherever and however you choose.

❤️ The freedom to run your business from your laptop – from anywhere in the world.

❤️ The freedom to hire a mentor/coach – no matter the cost but simply because you know they’re the person who can help you get the results you desire.

❤️ The freedom to retire your partner from their 9-5 gig – so you can both have the choice to do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it.

❤️ The freedom to choose to be whoever, do whatever and to have whatever you desire – simply because you desire it.

And the truth is…

The reason you DON’T have all of that stuff.
The reason you HAVEN’T got that freedom.
The reason you HAVEN’T fulfilled your desires.


It is because you haven’t DECIDED to CHOOSE to make having all. of. that. NON-FUCKING-NEGOTIABLE.

It is because you haven’t DECIDED to CHOOSE to go-all-the-fucking-way-in and COMMIT to yourself, to your dreams, to your passion, to your purpose, to your desires. TO YOUR FUCKING LIFE!

But, my love.
I wanna tell ya.
I wanna share with you.



But first you MUST DECIDE that THOSE THINGS are all so fucking important to you that you’ll surely die if you don’t have them.

And you MUST UNDERSTAND that not doing, being and having them means:

That you’re being less than the person you desire to be.
That you are being less than the person you want to be.
That you are being less than the person you were created to be.
That you are being less than the person you have the potential to be.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

I’m sure as hell not having a go at you here gorgeous one.

I am merely pointing out the OBVIOUS.

And it’s obvious to me because not only HAVE I BEEN THAT PERSON…

I have also coached and mentored d.o.z.e.n.s…. Actually…. h.u.n.d.r.e.d.s. of people who were that person.

Who didn’t want to be that person.
Who knew they were more than that person.

But, ALL of us had one thing in common.
Well, more than one thing to be honest.

We ALL knew that we were born for more than what our reality was dishing up to us.

We ALL knew that we had so much more to offer, to give, to share.

We ALL knew that we had a message and a gift that we were born to impart on others. That we were born to serve. Not to survive.

We ALL knew that we couldn’t simply exist through life without following our passions.

We ALL knew the dying and not having lived our lives on purpose and for our purpose simply wasn’t an option.


We ALL CHOSE to DECIDE that ALL THE THINGS we wanted to be, to do and to have in this lifetime were things that we simply MUST do.

That those things – to us – were non-negotiable.
That those things – to us – were our destiny.
That those things – to us – were preordained by a power far greater than any human being.

We ALL decided that not living our lives full out….
Well, that wasn’t even a possibility.
That wasn’t even an option.

And because we knew all of that stuff.
And because we understood all of that stuff.
And because we chose to decide all of that stuff.

We did whatever it fucking took (and still takes) for us to REALISE that… For THAT^ to be our reality. Our lives.

We stretched ourselves.
We grew ourselves.
We expanded ourselves.
We dug deep within ourselves (and still do on a daily basis)
We unearthed the belief systems, stories, fears… all the shit that had us living and playing small.
We asked ourselves the tough questions and did the work to allow ourselves to discover the answers.
We committed to ourselves.
We did the internal work – even when our excuses and resistance tried to talk us out of it.
We did the external work – even when it was uncomfortable and felt clunky.
We showed up – even when our negative self-talk told us not to.

And more than that still.

We reached out and got the help we needed so we could do all of that…
We asked for that help.
We gave ourselves permission to accept that help.
We allowed ourselves to receive that help.

And we released so much shit that wasn’t serving us, that was holding us back, that was keeping us stuck and small and suffering and doubting and questioning!

And over.
And over again.

And we leapt.
And we took risks.


We trusted.
We believed.
We had faith.

And it wasn’t always pretty.
And it wasn’t always easy.
And it wasn’t always glamorous.

And we stumbled.
And we fell.

But we got up and did it all again.
And again.
And again.


Because being an entrepreneur….
Because being wildly successful….
Because smashing our income ceilings….


One that also gives us the freedom to choose to be, do and have whatever we desire, whenever and however we desire it IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT to us than A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G else you can imagine.

And that desire for freedom has much more power than…

Any fears
Any excuses
Any doubts
Any resistance

That our mind can throw at us.

So my love.

Are you ready to CHOOSE?
Are you ready to DECIDE?
Are you ready to make it all NON-FUCKING-NEGOTIABLE?
Are you ready to GO-ALL-THE-FUCKING-WAY-IN?

Remember… You Have One Life.  Hit The Fuckin’ Button!

Love, Truth & Badassery,











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