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But that’s not how it’s meant to be.

And, the thing is that while ever that IS the case, your dreams of making that 6-figure (or even multiple 6-figure) sales target you desire your biatch… Are nothing more than that.


But the amazing thing about dreams is that with a few tweaks you can turn them into your reality.

One of my private VIP clients reached out to me at 3am one morning, wrapped in her dressing gown, snuggled up in bed red eyed and crying bubbly-snot tears like a broken child…

Ready to pull the pin on working with me. But that’s not the big, scary part. Not for me at least.


On her dreams.
On her desires.
On her passion.

But more than that she was going to pull the pin on all of the things that mattered so fucking much to her.

Her growth.
Her expansion.
Her business.
Her clients.
Her higher purpose.


Because she’d hit an upper limit.
Because she’d created a new, more empowered, more focused, more purposeful, more determined, more driven, more badass version of herself.

And her ego-mind was losing it’s shit because it was no longer in control of her.

Because it was no longer dictating to her how her life would look and feel.

Instead of her ego having all the control.
Instead of her ego having all the say.
Instead of her ego having all the power.

She had it.
She had all of it.

On this occasion, her upper limit manifested itself as a money block for her.

Disguised as a fear of continuing to invest in herself because:

Everything she was doing was too hard
Everything was moving along too fast.

Sales weren’t happening big enough.
Sales weren’t coming in fast enough.

Money was moving in and out of her account too quickly.

But the reality of this situation was that we were fast approaching the end of the month and she was starting to freak out (aka: get very, very anxious) about how she was going to pay for the following months mentoring with me.

Which I quickly learned was a pattern for her.

End of the month.
Her financial commitments.
Her monetary obligations.

Scared the fuck out of her.

It’s not that she didn’t have the money and the means to pay.

It wasn’t as though she couldn’t/wasn’t getting leads, clients and sales in the door.

That had nothing to do with it.
Not at all.

It was that she wanted to hold onto it a little bit. To sit with it. To look at it. To know it was there. To feel safe.

Never had she made as much money as when we were working together… and we were just 3 months in.

But she was scared.

Afraid that if she invested the money she had that it wouldn’t be replaced, that it wouldn’t come back to her.

Afraid that having made so much money and having done so in such a short length of time that she wouldn’t be able to do that again, wouldn’t be able to repeat that.

Afraid that she’d done so much work and come so far and that it was all going to come tumbling down on her.

Afraid that everything she had achieved to that point was a fluke.

Afraid that she was losing her grip on reality and that this wasn’t what she really wanted, what she truly desired after all.

Afraid that if she fully stepped up and claimed what was hers that she wouldn’t recognise herself, that she wouldn’t like herself, that the people she loved wouldn’t continue to love her.

Afraid that she was going to turn into a money-hungry monster that didn’t care about serving the people she was born to serve any longer but only cared about the money.

But you see.
All of that stuff.
It’s not the stuff that comes from listening to your intuition. From being guided by your higher self.


And the ego loves nothing more than to spin you a tale so damn frightening. So damn logical sounding. So damn convincing.

In the hope that you will recoil in fear.
In the hope that you will be dissuaded.
In the hope that you will take a backward step.

Because the ego thrives:

When you are living in fear.
When you are driven by lack.
When you feel like you’re isolated.
When you doubt yourself.
When you diminish yourself.
When you play a smaller game.
When you don’t go-all-the-way-in.
When you don’t honour yourself.
When you settle for less than you deserve.


When you choose to rise, to move through that layer of resistance, past that upper limit and all that your ego is throwing at you, testing you with…


I’ll come back to that shortly.

So, what did I do, what did I say when my client reached out to me at 3am all red eyed and as she puts it, crying bubbly-snot tears?

I coached her.
I gave her love.
I gave her support.
I gave her guidance.

I talked her through all of her fears.

I talked her through her money blocks around investing in herself and what that really meant for her.

I reminded her of the reason she came to work with me in the first place – of the reality she was living at that point compared to the reality she desired.

I talked with her about how far she had come in such a short amount of time, of the work she had put in, of the breakthroughs – both from a mindset and financial perspective – she had experienced since working with me.

I encouraged her to stay true to her desires, to her dreams, to her passion and to her purpose. To look within and to unearth the truth that is sitting there waiting for her to find it. To listen to the soft, demure, quiet voice of her intuition and the booming, obnoxious voice of her ego.

I asked her to have faith, to trust, to believe that this, all of this stuff she was feeling at the time, was the breakthrough she had been working toward.

That she was experiencing the monumental, the game-changing, the life-transformational breakdown that a.l.w.a.y.s. comes before the breakthrough.

I asked her to commit to herself, fully, unconditionally, without doubt, without question, without having the security of knowing what the outcome actually looked and felt like.

I asked her to go all-the-fucking-way-in.

I asked her to pay the next months fee, right then and there, even though it wasn’t quite due.

And I encouraged her to not just pay it in instalments BUT to pay the entire amount.

Knowing full well that paying that amount of money was the exact reason that we were on a call at frickin’ 3am in the first place.


As she puts it… I talked her ‘off the financial fear ledge’.

What happened next?

Well, when she started working with me she was struggling to make 1k a month consistently.

Within 3 months she was nudging the 5 figure mark – yep, she was about to crack into 10k+.

And in the month that followed that beautiful, emotional, game-changing and life transformational 3am phone call, she went on to make well over 35k in sales.

She didn’t just smash through her income ceiling.


And I know.

I know that there are so fucking many people out there who say all too often that mentors/coaches:

Are thieves
Are manipulative
Are only in it for the money
Don’t have a genuine interest in your success
Don’t care if you fail as long as you pay

But, I dispute that.
All of it.
And will do so for an eternity.

Because as a coach. As a mentor. It is my responsibility, it is my purpose in life to encourage and empower my clients to:

Tap into the truth within – no matter how scary, ugly and dark that may be.

Unearth the blocks – belief systems, stories, fears – that are stopping them from being all they were born to be.

Step up and have belief in themselves, to have trust and faith in the unknown, to stretch themselves, to open their minds up to a new way of thinking, being and doing.

Get comfortable with not having all the answers, with taking risks, with backing themselves at all costs, with living in uncertainty.

Uplevel in ways and in areas of their businesses and lives that they didn’t even know were possible, that they weren’t aware even existed, that they had the internal strength and power to do so they can become the person they always desired.

To know that doing so will not break them. Instead, doing so will make them un-fucking-stoppable. Unbeatable. It will help them to rise and align with the highest version of themselves so they can live their lives full out and experience all of their desires being fulfilled in ways they could never have imagined.

And from there they show up every single day and create the business and the life of their dreams from a place of complete ease and flow.

Not being that person.
Not showing up for my clients in that way.
Not making myself available for them when they need me the most.
Not empowering them to move through the breakthrough and rise like a fucking Queen…

Would mean:

That I am not honouring them.
That I am not honouring their desires.
That I am not honouring myself.
That I am not honouring my passion.
That I am not honouring my purpose.

It would mean that I am saying one thing and doing another because it’s impossible to ask your soulmate clients to rise and to live their lives as the highest version of yourself when you are not. When you will not.

Not serving my clients in that way would be a contradiction of every-fucking-thing that I do and say.

Why am I sharing this story with you?

Because I want you to know…

That even though right now, if feels as though your stories, your fears and your belief systems are holding a gun to your head, that they are calling all the shots – in control of all of the actions, choices and decisions you are currently making…

That’s not how it has to be.
That’s not how it should be.

And that even though working through that stuff.
Even though doing the deep internal work.

Makes you feel like you’ve just got so. much. stuff. to work through.

Like you’re never gonna be able to make it through to the other side.

Like you’re going fucking crazy and like your mind is going to explode and the world as you know it is going to crumble all around you and you will be broken and alone.

I want you to know:

That the deeper you go.
That the more internal work you do.
That the more you show up for yourself every single day.
That the more you work through the ego-mind bullshit that’s blocking your happiness, your success, the money you desire…

The Universe will rise with you.
The Universe will support you.
The Universe will have your back.

If you keep going ESPECIALLY when it feels like you can’t keep going anymore, when it’s hurting like it’s never hurt before…

If you maintain your focus on your vision, on your passion, on your purpose.

If you have faith and you trust and you believe that every thing you desire is already out there… waiting for you to align yourself with it so you can claim it.

The Universe will deliver every fucking thing you have ever wanted to you.

Love, Truth & Badassery,
Remember… You Have One Life. Hit The Fuckin’ Button!

Lauz xx
Mindset & Online Empire Creation Mentor

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