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It might surprise you to lean that a simple change in your language has the power to change your entire state of being…

Your beliefs
Your frequency
What you attract
What is true for you

But so many online entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders and messengers put roadblocks in the way of them being able to call the very thing they desire into their reality!

I’m sure you recognise the following phrases:

I need more sales.
I wish I had more sales.
I hope to get more sales.
I can’t make sales.
I’m trying to makes sales.
I should be making sales.
I don’t know how to make sales.

How often do you find yourself saying things like that?

Let me guess…

Ummmmm – a thousand times a day (for each phrase that is!!).


Sweet love.

Do you realise what you’re doing when you say that stuff?
Are you aware of the impact those words are having on you, on your life, on your business… on your reality?

I bet not.

Because most people – in fact – too many people say stuff like that. Throwing out words absentmindedly, orally or mentally. Paying little to no attention to what they say and seldom pausing to consider that the words they are using have the power to, are the very thing that dictates whether or not they get to create what they desire.

What you (and they) don’t realise is that EVERY TIME you say anything like those phrases I listed out above, you are speaking a mantra… A NEGATIVE mantra.

And mantras are super powerful – be they negative or otherwise.

The Universe is ALWAYS listening, feeling into and paying attention to what you say.

And when you say things like…

I need…
I want…

You are speaking from a place of LACK. Like you don’t already have it, as though what you desire is not already available to you… That it what you desire is not already preordained… That it is not already yours by divine right.

When you say things like:

I wish…
I hope…

You are effectively DISEMPOWERING the very thing you are ‘wishing’ for. You are declaring that you have no power, NO CONTROL over creating it. You are stating that what you desire may or may not happen… That you lack FAITH. That you don’t necessarily BELIEVE.

When you say things like:

I’m trying…

You are saying that you’re not committed. That although you would really like the thing to work out you’re already know that you aren’t going to/won’t do whatever it takes to make it yours, to call it into your reality.

When you say things like:

I should…

You are saying quite clearly that maybe you won’t do that thing. That maybe you don’t actually want to do that thing. That maybe you don’t even want that thing that is the result of doing XYZ. That maybe you can’t be assed. And that maybe the only reason you would be assed is to please someone who said you ‘should’ do that thing.

When you say things like:

I don’t know…

That Universe hears that THAT^ is your truth, that you have spoken as though it is your truth, and you inadvertently slam the door in the face of any opportunity of ever finding out HOW.

Instead of using language that doesn’t serve you and that puts you in a state of resistance, try these:

I am…
I have…
I create…
I get to…
I am grateful for…
I enjoy…
I can…
I choose…
I love…


And it pays for you to be more mindful, more deliberate about the words you choose to use.

Why use words that are going to be detrimental to you calling in your desires when you could simply choose to use words that align you with your desires and help you to manifest them into your reality – easier and faster?

Because the Universe is always listening and feeling into what you’re saying, what you’re doing and who you’re being… It all makes sense. Right?

The Universe is ALWAYS listening, feeling into and paying attention to what you say.

And by changing your state (your language/belief systems) and claim back the power to change your reality from one that’s filled with stuff you don’t want and filled with those things you do want – those things you desire the most!

Change your state, changes your vibration which changes what you attract and in turn, changes what is true for you becomes easy peasy!

Here are some examples of how you can reframe your internal (and external) language so that it aligns you with WHAT YOU ACTUALLY DESIRE to be your truth, to call into your reality:

I am so fucking excited that I have all these sales coming in everyday; selling is so much fun!

I have already been able to manifest the sales I desire.

I create new sales and more abundance in my life every time I share my message with my audience.

I get have fun while selling my products/courses/events and I enjoy it a ton. Sales are fun and easy for me.

I am grateful for the new sales that I get to make every day.

I enjoy making sales and how it is always so easy, effortless and graceful for me.

I can make sales anytime I decide to, selling is easy and natural for me.

I choose to make sales with ease and from flow while showing up consistently and speaking my truth to the people I was born to serve.

I love making sales because every time I make a sale I get to serve another of my soulmate clients and help them to live their lives full out.

You get to choose whether things do or do not work out for you – in business and in life. And simply by changing your language, you change what you believe is possible for you.

Sounds so easy, right?


It is so easy.
Just like getting more sales.
And everything else you desire.


Give it a go – you’ll be glad you did!

Remember… You Have One Life.  Hit The Fuckin’ Button!

Love, Truth & Badassery,











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