Episode #13 with Laura Francis: 10 Steps To Attracting Your Soulmate Clients

I remember as a kid my Mother saying ‘Laura! You just can’t say that!’ Soooo many times that I couldn’t possibly fucking keep count (not that keeping count my actually matters).

To so many different things I’d say.

That I believed.
That I knew were true.
That I wanted to express.

And I tried to obey her.
I tried to do what she asked.
I tried so hard to conform.


But the thing is.

I could.
I did.
I will.
I do.

Say whatever I fucking want to say.

Because I simply… CAN.
Because I simply… MUST.

No matter what anyone says.
No matter what others think of that.
No matter how some people feel about me doing that.

And you can too.

If you just choose to pull up your fucking big girl panties and OWN your fucking:


What you stand for.

What sets your soul on fire.
What is burning to flow through you.
What needs to be heard be those you were born to SERVE.

You REALLY must do it.

That is why you are here.

To speak your truth
To honour yourself.
To passionately express yourself.

That’s why you have a voice.
That’s why you have mouth.

That’s why you were gifted with the ability:

To imagine.
To use words.
To think things.
To feel things.

That’s why you were born an independent thinker.

Because what you believe.
Because what you know.
Because what you trust

That which is your truth.


To be imparted upon those who need to:

Know it too.
Believe it too.
Trust it too.
Feel it too.

They need to feel the game- changingness of what you have to say.

Of your passion.
Of your expression


Those who would have you:



In all honesty.
In all fairness.
In all truth.

What they say.
How they try to suppress you.

It simply doesn’t matter.

Unless you give it permission to matter.
Unless you give power to them and their rules.


Why would you?

The REAL you.

Just as it was when you were a child.
A teenager.

Truly didn’t give a fuck what they think or say.

And why would you?
Why should you?

When they don’t want to hear your words.

They don’t want to know what you think.

How you feel.
Or what you believe.

When they don’t want to allow you space to express yourself.

To speak your truth.
To share your visions.
Your passions.
Your purpose.

Honestly gorgeous one.

They don’t deserve for you to remain mute.

But you.


You deserve to say whatever the fuck you want to say.

Whenever you want to say it.

So again.
I revert back to honour.

Don’t honour them.


Do that.
Do it often.
So it all the time.

Every day.
Every minute.
Every moment.


Without fear.
Without doubt.
Without resistance.

And in doing so.

You are honouring those you were born to serve.

And your reason for being.
Your purpose.

And that.


Gorgeous rebellious badass.


Is all that fucking matters.

Love, Truth & Badassery,
Remember… You Have One Life. Hit The Fuckin’ Button!

Lauz xxLove, Truth & Badassery,
Mindset & Online Empire Creation Mentor

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